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Inflation: is it better to buy a car with debt?

Buying a car on credit It remains an excellent option, because you will benefit from a relatively low rate while inflation continues to rise. In fact, it is possible to get a consumer loan at an average of 2.34% with an inflation of about 5.8%. So if you are planning to change your car, feel free to do so during this period.

Take advantage of a car loan at a low rate

Currently, you can buy a car on credit with an average interest rate of 2.34%. Obviously, for a modification, it is necessary to take into account your personal situation, the amount of the loan and the term of this loan. But the prices are currently favorable for consumption, and if you have an old car, you have every reason to do so.

Buying a car with debt will allow you to take advantage of a more modern and more environmentally friendly car. In fact, we are now in a transition period between heat engines and electric motors. But faced with the purchase price of such a car, you might be hesitant because you don’t have the money.

However, you can ideally achieve this by enjoying the purchase of a car with a loan.

Consider inflation

The car loan should be associated with the constant rise in inflation. For July 2022, it’s over 6%. Inflation is explained by the acceleration of prices for services during the summer period, but also against the background of the Covid-19 crisis and the war in Ukraine.

This then translates into a continuous increase in consumer prices and vehicles are not excluded from this note.

For your part, you can only suffer an economic recovery after the famous health crisis and supply tensions are evident in new cars. As a result, the demand is also strong in the used car market, and in some cars the demand is greater than the supply.

As a result, consumer prices go up and they expect to buy a car. However, you can turn the situation in your favor by obtaining consumer credit for the purchase of a car.

How do you buy a car on credit?

You should know that the first criterion for a car loan is the rate that is charged. Indeed, thanks to this parameter it will be possible to determine the interest that must be paid. Of course, it is a large amount to add to the amount you borrow. But depending on your contract and the insurance company, there are big variances to consider.

So if you want to buy a car with a budget of 6000-75,000 euros, you will get a nominal rate of less than 4% if you are able to pay it off over 12 months. As a result, a car loan of 20,000 euros interest will cost you around 220 euros to repay over 12 months.

However, you may need a longer loan period of up to 84 months. As a result, the nominal price will be higher, but you benefit from a lower monthly payment. Sometimes that is a real boost to managing your cash flow more easily.

Vigilance between buying a new car and a used car

If you want to buy a car on credit, take the time to compare the different offers available to you. In fact, there are sometimes discrepancies in credits.

You must choose the most suitable car, but you must also choose the car loan that perfectly matches your repayment capabilities. But signing up is very simple with the ability to compare offers directly online.

It is a funding method open to the general public whether you are a retired couple, a student or an active person.

To buy a car on credit, it is highly recommended to choose the cheapest contract. In order not to rush, simulate several orders of different organizations and choose the most interesting proposal.

For example, you can consult the merchant, but you can also use the online comparison tool. You are in a position to play the competition, which will allow you to take advantage of the situation.

Buying a car on credit with a specialized broker

The broker remains above all a person who specializes in finding the cheapest car loan for you. It will act as a kind of intermediary between you and the various financial organizations. Once your profile is compiled, it will return to you with the most interesting offer according to your profile, nominal price and of course the loan amount.

On your part, it is a real opportunity to buy a car with debt.


With accelerating inflation and consumer credit at a relatively low rate, it is especially interesting to buy a car on credit. However, do not rush into the first offer you may receive, take the time to compare and choose in moderation.


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