Thanatos folder Thanatos folder

Thanatos folder Thanatos folder

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Edinburgh 1877.
Inspector Clayton McCray investigates several suspicious deaths.
Rich men are found dead in strange circumstances. In their investigation, the police discovered documents that some victims say they continued to live after their death, in a body whose heart no longer beats.
This excites McCray, but also doctors from the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh, including Professor Bell and one of his students, Arthur Conan Doyle.

by Bertholdon 07/08/2022

Thanatos file Allows you to find the duo in the comic strip The Extraordinary Stories of Edgar Poe Castermann, Roger Seter, and Jean-Louis Thawar.

Once again, the duo offers this work.
Roger Sitter is familiar with detective stories that have a special atmosphere and atmosphere. Those who read his book fogAmong other things, you know this very well.
with Thanatos fileit plunges us into an impressive, fascinating and impressive detective story in which we will follow different characters associated with or interested in these despicable murders, which hide certain secrets.

And so, there we will meet the person who would later become the author of Sherlock Holmes, and his famous professor of medicine, Bill, from whom Doyle will take inspiration for his detective character.

Here, we will immerse ourselves in an atmosphere that seems to be the product of certain works by Conan Doyle, but also other detective works from the end of the nineteenth century, the beginning of the twentieth century.

Roger Setter, who has been writing Lefranc’s adventures with great talent lately, finds his favorite playground and presents us with a crime story with great precision and strength that manages to keep the reader in suspense until the end.

As for Jean-Louis Thouard, a rare artist, he gives us a super performance with this Dossier Thanatos.
Its boards of directors are majestic and luxurious. It is a very fine art.
He knows how to create a gothic vibe straight from Doyle or Poe’s work.
What a knack, once again, to set the mood with such a fine choice of colours.
His characters have charisma. He managed to give us shivers at times with some pretty impressive clips.

Thanatos file
It is one of the good surprises of August, which all good bookstores will discover.
The duo of Seiter and Thouard are once again at the top of their game!

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