Driving in a slipper or slipper: possible penalties, fines, insurance, what the law says ...

Driving in a slipper or slipper: possible penalties, fines, insurance, what the law says …

With the heat, it’s not uncommon to take a steering wheel or slippers on your feet or in sandals, even barefoot. But do we have the right to do that?

Heat wave, high temperatures make it necessary not to cover up too much to avoid overheating. So it is common to take your car with very light and light shoes…

Barefoot, in slippers, in union shoes, each has his own style … But behind the wheel it is not so clear.

The law is not pronounced accurately

The Code of the Road does not specify the dress code required to drive. However, Article R412-6 stipulates that “each driver shall always be in a condition and position to carry out adequately and without delay all maneuvers which require him. His possibilities of movement and his field of vision shall be” not to be reduced by the number or position of the occupants. Or by portable objects or by sticking opaque objects on windows.”

However, wearing open-toed shoes that change when braking or accelerating, and get stuck in the pedal, can pose Handicap for smooth driving Thus preventing the execution of maneuvers easily and without delay.

this is So the behavior can be dangerous In the eyes of the law even if it is not really stipulated.

Autonomous law enforcement

As the legislation is unclear, it is up to police judgement to assess whether or not driving in light shoes can be dangerous.

So if a driver is caught in simple shoes, he will likely be punished.

Possible penalties

If the police or the gendarmerie consider that the driver is unable to perform the necessary maneuvers due to his shoes or lack of shoes, he can be fined.

In fact, the police have every right to fine the driver and evenimmobilize the car.

Violation – second degree – requires a €35 fine, which can be reduced to 22 euros but can also be increased to 75 euros. This fine Can’t argue.

On the other hand, such an offense cannot result in the loss of points on the driver’s license, as reported by a lawyer in Progrès.

In terms of insurance

Pay attention, in the event of an accident if the accused driver does not have the appropriate shoes, he can be judged as responsible.

This may be considered a security error and the insurance may decide not to pay There is no compensation for material or physical damage because of this error. And that’s even for an all-risk contract…

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