What are life insurance guarantees?

How long does it take to open life insurance?

It is without a doubt one of the favorite investments for savers. The success of life insurance is not surprising: She had everything to seduce French women and menAs the economist Jacques Picot explains in our columns. Some people argue, as with figaroIt is one of the “indispensable components” of any properly conducted heritage strategy. For the honorary member of the Economic and Social Council, life insurance is “a kind of strange product at first, but it ended up making its mark”. And for good reason! Came to fill a void in French gadgets… It is particularly versatile. Some will use it to prepare their succession, while others will prefer to ensure a comfortable retirement. “It is a good long-term investment for a good family manSimply slice the specialist. Provided, of course, that you know some mysteries… Summary!

First of all, remember, as the specialist website La Finance pour Tous explains, the money put into a life insurance contract is always available. It is possible to recover it in three different ways, depending on the type of income you want to guarantee. Whatever the path chosen, it is always best to wait eight years before buying back your contract, in order to take advantage of the best taxes possible.

Life Insurance: What’s the Best Way Out?

Naturally, Each of these options has different advantages and should be considered in different circumstances. Thus, complete surrender is suitable for anyone who needs to unlock all the money put into the contract and does not believe that it will be passed on in the future. This is an opportunity to get a lot of money back at once, which can be relevant To finance the purchase of a home, for example.

Partial redemption allows you to continue the investment without losing its benefits but does not provide the possibility of recovering as much money as possible, proportionately, with the total payback.

Finally, switching to an annuity is especially smart once you reach retirement. However, it is tantamount to accepting that refunds will not be forwarded… since then Savings simply no longer belong to the insured. But it is a guaranteed monthly income supplement guarantee for life.

Life insurance: how long does it take to open it after the death of the contributor?

for open one life insurance After the death of the subscriber, you must first contact the insurance company. He then has 15 days to inform AG2R La Mondiale to request documents related to the configuration of the file. These include the subscriber’s death certificate, the beneficiary’s bank details and a document proving his identity or a tax certificate.

Upon receiving the file, The insurance company has one month to pay the principal to the beneficiaries.

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