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Niamey: End of the work of the second meeting of the region for the brown card insurance system (ECOWAS)

Niamey, August 8 (ANP) – The work of the second regional meeting of the ECOWAS Brown Card Security System, which was held on August 4 and 5 at the Bravia Hotel in Niamey, ended on Friday, August 5. , 2022, chaired by Mr. Abdelhamid Isaka, Commissioner of the Insurance Controller, Ministry of Finance of Niger.

At the beginning of his speech, the Commissioner for Controlling Insurance, Mr. Isaka, wished to thank the authorities of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Brown Card Insurance System (ECOWAS) for the `honour` he had given to our capital, Niamey, for hosting the works of this 2The tenth The 2022 district meeting, after the Conakry meeting, which took place on May 10-11.

” I dare hope that the recommendations resulting from the Niamey meeting will undoubtedly contribute to the self-financing operations of the various national offices of the ECOWAS Brown Card Insurance System and to the digitization of the system’s management processes. Producing secure certificates and speeding up claims management.

He took the opportunity to assure the participants that the Nigerien authorities responsible for insurance “are ready to support the efforts of the National Office of Niger in the effective implementation of the provisions of Additional Law AISA.3/6/16, relating to the regulation of brown card insurance of the Economic Community of West African States and to strengthen the brown card insurance system more broadly. general.

To this end, he continued, “I invite all delegates present here to take responsibility for the recommendations resulting from the Niamey meeting, and to make the necessary pleas to the decision-makers in their countries to make the systemic regulation effective and to secure the ECOWAS brown card by December 2023 at the latest, as stipulated in the provisions of the Supplementary Law.”

Accordingly, the Insurance Commissioner, Abdelhamid Aissaka, representing the National Director of Insurance, added, “I invite you to take strong decisions, organize them and digitize them at your next year’s meeting scheduled for next November in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso”.

Previously, Mr. Toure Abdullahi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Brown Card Offices, took the floor to speak of his “thanks to the Nigerian authorities who have spared no effort in facilitating the holding of these meetings”.

Reportedly, during two (2) days of intense work, led by eminent committee members and experts on ECOWAS, the participants discussed the prospects and challenges of the ECOWAS architecture methodology and thoroughly examined practical measures. For better management of cross-border claims through digitization, which is essential for optimal management.

AOM / AS / ANP 0040 August 2022

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