This brand provides its customers with one car every month!

This brand provides its customers with one car every month!

The Delko Garage Network presents a unique contest for its customers: a car that is won every month by a simple drawing.

As we know, the period isn’t really rosy, between high fuel prices and logistics issues having a direct impact on new car sales. Unclear context, which really discourages motorists to change vehicles. Those who would like to find themselves in a bind, due to long delays and a shortage of newly used cars. Suffice it to say that buying a car is not really easy, not to mention the prices that keep going up and the growing environmental risk. But sometimes a little luck allows you to realize your dream or simply helps you to finally be able to change your car. And this is good, because the brand launches an extensive operation that allows its customers to win a car every month. Yes, you heard correctly.

nice contest

It’s the network of auto repair shops Delco Who is behind this super-quality plan, which will undoubtedly attract the masses. Especially since participating in this contest is very simple and above all, without the obligation to purchase! In fact, to try your luck, simply go to the dedicated site, then fill out the form with your contact details so that you will be contacted if you win. Then a raffle is held once a month to determine the winner. Be careful, because the game is limited to one participation once a month for one person per household. You must be of legal age and reside in the French capital to be able to try your luck.

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Double your chances

If you are really determined to win the car to grab each month, you can increase your chances by going straight to a Delko garage. By performing a free control of the levels and pressure of your tires and then by recovering a code from the manager, you will not multiply your chances of winning tenfold. car value € 12000 including taxRegistration fee included. You have until October to participate, so hurry up!

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