Brest - In Brest, a young filmmaker is looking for actors and equipment for filming

Brest – In Brest, a young filmmaker is looking for actors and equipment for filming

The text was completed for months. All that is missing are the actors, technicians and equipment needed for the Titouan Clément Ratsivalaka project. The 21-year-old, originally from L’Hôpital-Camfrout and studying for a film license at Rennes 2 University, is embarking on the production of his second short film, “Injustice”. Filming week will take place mainly in Brest, at the end of August. To support him in his research, Titouan Clément can count on Anna Duval, casting director, of the same age.

Eight male roles, two women

The duo is ready to test for the first time at Rennes on Monday, August 8, 2022. “We are looking for eight men’s roles and two women’s roles. People in their twenties, ideally with some experience in acting, theater or film. But we are ready to give everyone a chance,” says Anna. The duo have no particular physical criteria, except for the main role. “It takes a skinny, even somewhat athletic guy,” says Titoan Clement. He will be seduced above all by lively characters. She is able to make her own in front of the camera.

Technically, everything has yet to be found to ensure sound, picture, light and management. “We should be able to shoot with a reflex camera for a friend. We depend on our relatives to lend us equipment and we have also contacted some associations. There are always solutions,” continues the young man.

Homemade cinema

As for his first short film The Party Demon, where he got his friends to play, Tituan Clement Ratsifalaka is inspired by his everyday life. Especially in his evenings he lives a “seed of madness”. His new project is no exception to the rule. “We follow Ethan, a fairly sociable 20-year-old. His problem? He can’t stop himself from acting in the face of injustice but he doesn’t know how to discipline himself. Throughout the film, he’s wandering around looking for a party, but his temper, sometimes violent, He plays tricks on him.”

If the end result is conclusive, the young director hopes to have his short film distributed in film festivals. Tetouan Clement is already convinced by the script of the film. As Quentin Tarantino aptly said, “If you love movies enough, you can make a good movie.” Anyway, the short film will be released.

“On projects like this, the experience is exponential.” The young director has gained a lot of confidence since his first film in 2021 before joining his training. “I didn’t even know the vocabulary for cinema,” he recalls. A year later, Tetuan Clement’s brain was full of thoughts. He plans to produce a short film a year and has several musical projects.


Applications should be submitted via email ( or on Instagram (titouanclm). Online screenshot available to support the project.

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