INFO MFM : Neymar, Icardi, Lewandowski… Le plan secret du PSG !

Luis Campos is furious with anger, Paris Saint-Germain is ready to go to the clash!

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PSG is getting impatient with Icardi’s profile. Tired of having to deal with the seemingly losing Argentine striker, on all fronts, Paris could choose to go to the showdown.

At the top of the blacklist I collected Louis fieldswe find a name: Mauro Icardi. The Argentine striker is no longer part of the plans Paris Saint-Germain And the task of the Portuguese sports director is to find a way out. processed in Italy, Icardi special prey for Monzaclub Silvio Berlusconi. With his madness, the former mentor of AC Milan Able to bet on an attacker Paris Saint-Germain, but ghostly for two seasons. As we wrote, the file is taken very seriously. All players are in the stage but negotiations are progressing slowly.

Icardi breaks the silence

Tired of waiting for you to leave Mauro IcardiFans signed it up this weekend. He was not called up for the first match against Claremont (0-5) The Argentine posted himself on social media while staying in… Ibiza! to the press, Icardi He received permission to “address personal issues”. Between the lines problems with his companion (and the agent incidentally), Wanda Icardi. But Mauro Icardi He insisted on denying this version: ” Stop deciding not to call me, the decision not to call me was just technical. I’m not absent because of any personal issue, I don’t have an issue, and I respect every practice. Football is still my priority and my job, the work I get. I will not tolerate incompetent and ill-intentioned people who try to tarnish my hearing. Don’t waste your time and before you write hiding behind a filter or newspaper, get to know the reality “.

Luis Campos can’t take it anymore…

Taken in dislike by supporters, Mauro Icardi He is also in the locker room’s eyes as leaders. In Paris, it is difficult to find someone to defend his cause… According to our sources, Louis fields Very upset with this file. A file that is not progressing fast enough and disrupts, at the moment, the progress of the Paris transfer window. Paris would really like to introduce a new number 9. Without Icardi leaving, the mission would be impossible. Therefore, the departure of the Argentine is a necessity and a priority. Instead of Ibiza, Paris dreams of seeing him alongside Monza

At the moment, the Parisians continue to work on the possibility of leaving, on loan or on transfer. By favoring a clear transition, he is the one who still has a two-year contract (June 2024). There is no doubt about the divorce after the end of the contract. But it is an option not to be neglected… if it is necessary to go to the conflict to win the case at the end of August and this allows Paris Saint-Germain To make way for the arrival of a new star to attack, Louis fields won’t bother.

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