Julien et Olivier sont éducateurs de rue à Marmande et à Tonneins

protection. Julien and Olivier, their mission in the heart of the priority neighborhoods of Marmande and Tonneins

Julien and Olivier are street teachers in Marmandy and Tunins
Julien and Olivier are street teachers in Marmandy and Tunins (© Clothilde Jobon/Republican 47)

In the priority neighborhoods of Marmande and Tonneins, Olivier and Julien are busy. they Street breeders implement specialized prevention. Two words that actually cover many tasks.

“If we have to sum up, we do neighborhood childcare for young people between the ages of 12 and 21.” Oliver explains. “We connect common law with the daily life of these young people.” Julian is complete.

Reconnecting young people to the system

Although this may sound complicated, the two fellows are nonetheless One goal: to support youth away from the system and make them independent.

Far from tasking them with carrying out the crackdown, these two street educators are Working alongside young people on a daily basis.

“We have a very flexible schedule so you don’t miss the boat”

JulianStreet Breeder

“We work in the young man’s time, we have to react when he is ready to accompany him.” In fact, their mission is based on the free membership.

So the days can stretch until midnight for those two teachers who like to say they work independently. If they have good An office in La Gravette and another to open soon in the heart of Tonneins, They are actually on the ground every day.

Long-term work to form a strong bond and facilitate support. “Before you can work in these neighborhoods, you first have to succeed in being adopted.”Julian, details, has been in office since September 2021.

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target needs

They also drive Procedures in colleges to become famousan activity that they would like to develop further.

For now, to be recognized by young people and “So they don’t think we’re undercover cops.”And the Julian and Oliver double down on street actionEspecially in the evening. They also use their professional social networks as much as possible in order to be contacted by young people who need them and to be able to stay in touch more easily.

complex situations

Young people who are often unemployed, without pursuing studies or training, Julian and Olivier encounter every day. In less than a year of publication, they have already discovered 85 profiles.

“It’s complicated because sometimes they’re just wanderers, addicted to drugs, or deficient”Oliver explains. So the escort must take into account all these factors and It requires the help of many partnerssuch as medical and social centers or Pôle emploi.

Everyone to accompany is a special case Who may need help with different points: finding a job or training, settling a health problem or a problem with the law… Lots of situations that challenge the Prevention Society team on a daily basis.

“We don’t always have all the answers, but we will look for them for these young people, and redirect them.”

OliverStreet Breeder

The assembly actually has It does not replace the systems established by the institutionsIt simply takes care of creating the link. “We are complementary.”Julian confirms.

So the profession of street breeders is far from clarity. “We must be recognized but at the same time we must be careful because we are bound by professional secrecy and the anonymity of the young man”Julian says.

After a year of experiments in this field, the two men found that they had already begun to do so Work on time. Both hope that the funders, including the provincial council, Val de Garonne and the municipalities, will see the benefit of their business and will soon be allowed to be three to cover Marmandy and Tonins.

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