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Despite the semiconductor shortage causing a slowdown in new car production and higher energy prices due to the war in Ukraine, manufacturers continue to innovate while keeping in mind the end-of-combustion engine decided by the European Commission.

Therefore, to comply with the CO2 reduction targets set by the European Union, it gives the lead to electric ranges (100% electric and hybrid). Not surprisingly, the majority of new models that will be on the market at the start of the school year will be SUVs.

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SUVs are popular

Following a decision by MEPs to ban the sale of thermal cars from 2035, car manufacturers are emphasizing the use of electricity to reduce carbon emissions.

Important The result: the new models that will be launched on the French market at the beginning of the school year are dominated by electric or hybrid models, including SUVs in particular.

However, the biggest surprise has to do with Ferrari, which has also decided to ride the obsession around these big models to launch its own SUV.

At BMW, there will be two new models in the program. Regard :

  • X1 extended by 53 mm with a three-cylinder 1.5-liter hybrid version with 245 and 326 hp and 90 km of autonomy;
  • of 313 hp iX1 with two electric motors.

The Mercedes GLC Equipped with a four-cylinder engine, including three hybrids, is also among the novelties.

Another very much awaited big SUV, The DS7 gets a makeover with a new light signature and 360-horsepower plug-in hybrid engine.

In the premium class category, Lexus luxury brand unveils the RX More precisely, a hybrid with 306 hp and 450 hours + rechargeable hybrid drive and 371 hp and 500 hours is a fully hybrid version.

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Ionic 6, a large electric sedan

Hyundai is the only manufacturer to offer an electric sedan at the start of the school year. The latest addition to the South Korean brand, called the Ioniq 6, has an aerodynamic design.

With a battery of 77.4 kWh, it has a longer range than its predecessor, the Ionic 5. In fact, it can travel up to 610 km on a single charge.

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