Four extraordinary stories from the bowels of the Normandy Fair Museum

Four extraordinary stories from the bowels of the Normandy Fair Museum

Claude Grod Cordray, Director of Works at Musée Ver-Normandy. © The Voice Le Bocage

She is the guardian angel of artwork! Claude Grodd Cordray he is theater manager at the Fair Normandy Museum (Calvados). She takes care of him like the apple of her eye. this is shadow craft Necessary for the proper functioning of the enterprise. It is located in one of the buildings on the ground floor, which is equipped with temperature and humidity regulators, more than 5000 work. Only a small part is almost exposed 500 work.

Ferris Painter: Where is his signature?

The painting depicts a surgeon operating on a man’s foot in the presence of 5 people.

This is a work donated to the museum in 2019. It is from a private mansion located on Chênedollé Street, which was not destroyed in 1944.

Claude Grodd Cordray

This is a copy of a painting attributed to Peter Jans QuastDutch painter of the seventeenth century. Interest in the museum? This painting was executed on wood by one of the Virois painters, of the de la Vente dynasty.

A family that practiced its art between the end of the seventeenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century. »

The painting will be restored at the end of 2022. “Hoping to discover a signature under the varnish. »

François III de la Venti, the last of the line of artists, may have died in 1812. An investigation follows.

Another museum enters the tour

Schedule Constantine Prevost (1796-1865), painted in 1841, entitled “Cimabue’s Discovery of Painting Young Giotto in the Florence Countryside”, was the subject of a loan application from the City Council Draguian.

Videos: Currently in Actu

In 2023, she organizes an exhibition of painters of the 19th century who reconsidered the Renaissance. The stage director points out that the varnish on the board has yellowed a little. And that the material is missing in some places.

Painting by Constantine Prevost (1796-1865) loaned to the Draguignan Museum. © The Voice Le Bocage

“We had already requested a restoration estimate, in 2015, without a response. The complete file was sent to the curator of the Draguignan Museum, who therefore had all the data on hand to assess whether or not the painting should join the exhibition.

He doesn’t just confirm his loan application. But he immediately adds: “We will take care of the restoration of the painting! »

A woman comes out of her sanctuary

catalog ” Mona Lisa It is a database listing the works of museums in France. According to the Ministry of Culture, women represent only 6.6% of the artists in the database, with only 4% of the number of works.

of total 35000 artistswomen only 2,304. Therefore, the ministry encourages “the placement of notices and pictures on the Internet of the works of female artists held in museums in France.”

Schedule Rosa Happiness (1822-1899) entitled Empirical Study, Well maintained Museum Vire is well listed in the database.

It also came out of its reserves to loan it to the Museum of Fine Arts in Bordeaux. Because to mark the bicentenary of Rosa Bonheur’s birth, the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux, her hometown, and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris are organizing a fascinating retrospective of her work.

Another is kept in reserve

As a bonus, there’s another artist: the extremely talented animal sculptor, Anne-Marie Provélé (1898-1939). The museum houses about thirty works in its reserves.

Francois Pompon (1855-1933), a famous animal sculptor, admired for his “artistic mastery in executing his sculptures”. The Vere Museum does not appear to have included Anne-Marie Proville in the Mona Lisa database. under everything Reservations

The museum houses about thirty works by the sculptor Anne-Marie Proville (1898-1939). © The Voice Le Bocage

The Fair Normandy Museum, Place Chanoine Jean Herault. Such as. 02 31 66 66 50.

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