“I want everything to be perfect for the start of the school year”: on the shelves, the search for school supplies has already begun

“I want everything to be perfect for the start of the school year”: on the shelves, the search for school supplies has already begun

Haro’s school supplies. In the stores, young people are already jostling, in a hurry to choose their notebooks and pens.

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A few weeks before the start of the school year, college students began shopping for school supplies. True collectors for some, explaining to us why this step is far from being a chore. At the entrance to a supermarket in Levallois-Perret, in the Paris region, you can’t miss the majestic colorful offerings, filled with bundles of glue tubes or erasable pens. Families stroll the shelves, the supply list at hand, to perform this annual ritual.

“I always look forward to doing this, Talia is excited to enter second place. I want everything to be perfect to start the year.”. Between two weeks of vacation, a future high school student does back-to-school shopping with her mom. And she has strong ideas about the products she loves. Her favorite Tipp-Ex? It does not exist in such a large area. “So we continue shopping on Amazon or Carrefour, His mother’s details. It also allows me to compare prices which are not the same at all.”. For the first time, Talia’s school allows her to choose the colors of her notebooks. So I took advantage of it: This year, it’s going to be green and purple. “I also take care that the pages are not too thin and the cover is resistant”She explains, as she scans the shelves for a plastic cover.

“big moment”

Leah, a future 6th grader, also knows exactly what she wants. “I want all supplies to be the same color code, pastel”. It is still necessary to find notebooks with the dimensions specified in the list. “24 x 32, is this A4 format?”asks her mother, slightly overwhelmed. The family moved to Tel Aviv, Israel, at the beginning of the school year. Leah and her mother came to this supermarket they know well before they left. “There is a choice, we will definitely find our happiness. Everything is twice as expensive as in Tel Aviv”. “Ah those, I love them!”yells Leah, stacking the blue and white notebooks in her arms. “Gently darling, think of the bags”worry his mother.

For Zoe, who is entering ninth grade, the important thing is not notebooks, but what she puts in her pencil case. Colored pens and pencils. That’s what makes my notebook beautiful, that’s what makes me want to learn.”. At his side, his mother stuck to the shopping cart. His father watches the operations with watchful eyes, a little later. “I let the main interested party choose, is he enjoying. It takes time, but it is necessary. It’s a great moment when we choose the tools we’ll use throughout the year. You don’t have to mess, take good quality. Guide her so she chooses solid supplies.”

As the afternoon progresses, the aisles for school supplies fill up. Rosa, who has returned from vacation in Turkey, rejoices on the shelves with her little sister Sophia and her father. “Rosa Jameh”Sophia laughs. “I have almost all colors of erasable markers”Proud of this future 5th grader, she is pleased to be able to complete her set. The two sisters are enjoying this moment as a family. And they reserved the best step for last: picking the agenda. “Since she’s in college, we’ll have to settle a little bit about the choice and take on a simpler agenda”Wise anger his father. Once home, they will be quick to put their belongings in their bag so that everything is ready for the start of the school year. ‘We like to do it in advance’finished the two girls.

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