If he has to wait before planting his spinach, Daniel prepares the soil he flattened after digging it up.

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Water in a more targeted manner and in smaller amounts. Here’s the key to this special summer.

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gardening process. ”
I do not water everything, I give priority to what is quickly harvested like pickles and zucchini. It’s been two months since I reduced the amount of water
Daniel, a dedicated garden tenant, answered when asked how he’s coping with drought. Early in the afternoon, on August 9, he was one of the few who dared face the sun on the plots of Faubourg d’Isle.

A little further afield, there is also Alain Bizet. “
We can’t water everything,
Confirms. Beans, I did not put water and again, I chose buckets.
“After the forecast, the resource manages as much as possible:”
I have 200, 300 liters left in the tank. I come every 3 or 4 days and they are no more than 10 liters each way.
The two gardeners unanimously agree, this summer of 2022 is extraordinary.

Potatoes on point

Gardening adapt. “
I dig for spinach but I’ll put it in after the rain
Daniel continues.

Daniel Webb 2

At the moment, we cannot make young seedlings because they are too dry. The earth is like powder. I’ll put some straw on it so it doesn’t dry out too much.
Alan, too, is ready to wait. ”
I’ll wait until September spinach. If there is no water, they will go to seed and I will have nothing.

Gardening sees the basket half full. Alan is delighted with the beautiful potatoes he just scooped out. Just like André Guérin, a tenant of a plot of land on the Roman road.

Andre Guerin Garden

It is the lowest quantity but the quality is very good. The tomatoes are there, I’m not happy with the carrots. The peppers are starting to grow and I should get some nice celery if it rains. This should be the case at the end of the week and will give a boost to the saccharol and lamb lettuce I’m growing today. (Editor’s note: Wednesday, August 10). »

And if you’re wondering why these gentlemen persevere, there’s fun in exercising and eating healthy, but not only. ”
For 10 years, I’ve been weighing and counting everything I harvest: that’s between 2,000 and 2,200 euros of vegetables per year.
Daniel concludes.

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