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See the Apple Buyer’s Guide for Students

Whether they are just learning the alphabet or just getting ready to go to college, students use digital devices a lot.

However, it can be difficult to choose the right type, especially in Apple which has a very wide product catalog between iPad, iPhone and Mac. For this reason, we have created this buying guide that should be able to help you choose suitable new gadgets and accessories for students ranging from elementary school to university.

Cupertino also operates lower rates for students and educators through its Apple Education service. They should be able to get a 10% discount on new Macs and iPads, among other things, as well as gift cards.

on the principle

Electronic devices, provided they are used in moderation, can be great learning tools for young children, particularly thanks to the integration of many apps and games to teach them the basics of reading, writing or even math.

More wary parents can rest assured that the time your child spends on their devices can be controlled and limited thanks to Apple’s Screen Time feature.

iPad 9 (2021)

With a starting price of 389 euros, the 9th generation iPad 9 has the ability to perform many tasks that will be useful for learning cherubim, all at your convenience.

It features an A12 processor, 10.2 inch display, and Apple Pencil support. It is clearly an excellent and affordable tablet, and it does not even leave the impression that it is entry level.

Apple Pencil (1st generation)

Pairing your iPad with your Apple Pencil can be a game-changer and turn your tablet into a creative nest in which a child can easily express themselves.

in middle school

Going to college is a turning point for children, the level of requirements is increasing and for this reason it will be necessary to equip oneself with more diverse tools.

Also, as children enter adolescence, their interests change and, despite everything, they begin to pay more attention to the world of the Internet and technology.

iPhone SE (2022)

With a starting price of €529, Apple’s least expensive iPhone SE is the right choice to start with. It has a great processor, a solid camera, and will keep you in touch with your teen when you’re not in front of him.

Again, with Screen Time, you’ll also be able to set limits on what you can do and how long you can use it.

iPad Air (2020)

At $699, the iPad Air is a budget alternative to the iPad Pro of the same size for an extra $300, and it has a lot more features than the iPad mini.

Students can create or create music, take high-quality photos and videos, or even edit their ideas right from the tablet, saving them real time.

AirPods 2

Remember that, in college we discover our musical tastes, with titles we associate in particular with rather amazing memories, a joy that can be encouraged by a pair of AirPods 2.

Apart from music, they can also listen to audiobooks and podcasts and enjoy other educational audio experiences.

AirPods case

You may not care, but the white AirPods case is very simple and easy to misplace…so it would be very hard to lose it if it was attached to a stand.Fun and colorful keys. You’ll find a large number of them on Amazon and at discounted prices!

in high school

High school is the last straight line before entering higher education or the working life of some students. Therefore, it seems necessary to have sufficient and advanced equipment to support them towards success.

The right laptop will help with research, completion of projects, and revision. As surprising as it may sound, this doesn’t necessarily mean buying a MacBook, a powerful iPhone will do the trick, too.

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is a more modern option than the iPhone SE for the high school student. There’s more than enough to take photos, send texts and stay connected at home, with the added bonus of powerful apps for creating music (GarageBand) and editing movies (iMovie).

It’s not quite as impressive as the iPhone 13, but the iPhone 12 has a great modern design and a camera that’s not shy about its successor.

MacBook Air M1 (2020)

The MacBook Air is fast, light, and has all-day battery, which is basically everything a high school student needs.

It includes an M1 processor, a 13.3-inch Retina display and the gorgeous Magic Keyboard, for €1,199. A worth it investment, especially since MacBooks have a long life!

in the University

In addition to directing your studies in a direction that could define your future career, when you return to university and leave home for the first time is another step to consider.

For this reason, students must be well prepared and have all the necessary tools to approach the courses and enter the professional world.

iPhone 13

Every student wants the latest iPhone, and iPhone 13 has it all. They’ll be able to work, play and take great photos without breaking the bank, but don’t forget to sign up for AppleCare+ for theft and getting lost, especially for those more daring who go to study abroad for example.

air card

Whether you are a student or not, AirTags are always very useful. You can put it in a bag or attach it to a keychain and then find it through the Find My app on your iPhone.

MacBook Air M2

The best student laptop is one that can support educational and creative activities and can last for four years or more without stopping.

The latest MacBook Air perfectly meets these standards thanks to the impressive speed, independence and portability of the M2 processor. This is the new, redesigned model that was just released in June 2022.

Electric switch

Although you have a USB-C to Lightning cable, newer iPhone models do not come with an adapter. So, unless you have one, you will have no choice but to get at least a 20W USB-C charger for fast charging.

There is an Apple One, but you can also use the plug that came with your MacBook or, if not, the Anker 20W Adapter is a great compromise for under $20 on Amazon.

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