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EPZ movement survival guide

The solution for EPCs is the electric vehicle. But electric cars are expensive and are often secondary vehicles. At a time when buying a liter of sunflower oil is an ordeal and when there is demand for more mustard than the original Mazda MX5 NA, granting the purchase of an electric vehicle is a financial sacrifice for many of us. However, there are alternatives to the EV as they say. We decided to make you a ZFE survival guide on these devices. However, none of them will provide the comfort of the car. This article is economic, not environmental. Finally, know that these are suggestions and can be used occasionally, frequently, or not at all. Everyone is free to do whatever they want. Also note that the ranges considered are the actual ranges and not the ones advertised by the manufacturers. The price is based on a kilowatt hour at 0.19 euros.

electric scooter

It has a bad image and yet the electric scooter offers the best price, size, maintenance, ease of use and cost of use per kilometer. It beats rush hours on public transport and some models can travel 140 km on a single charge. It takes around 700 euros to buy a model that is capable of following you on a daily basis and offering at least 40 km of autonomy.

With a 0.55 kWh battery, 40 km will cost you 0.10 €. This is 0.25 euros / 100 km. It can be shipped at his workplace. Some of these scooters have traveled 15,000 km without worry.

On the other hand, the battery is not so easy to change (it can hold about 1,000 cycles or 40,000 km) and often costs 60% of the price of the object.

Image source: Jérémy FDIDA

electric bike

In the ’90s, the bike was the freedom tool for kids and teens. Today, we have electric assist, that handy little boost to keep you from sweating. VAE prices have exploded, but at 2.30 euros per liter from 95 SP, they can be profitable quickly. There are all styles. It’s even possible to ride a Super Mottard bike to become a child living an adult’s dream again. The advantage is that if you are comfortable on a bike, you will appreciate the ease of use of the machine and will always enjoy using it a lot. Only paying during purchase will be painful. But at least it would not cost an arm and a leg to repair the masonry. Easily count 70km of autonomy to a 750W battery capable of handling 1000 to 1200 cycles with ease.

Note that a helmet is only mandatory outside of urban areas. If discussed among cyclists, however, it is an excellent way to prevent the head from getting hit hard in the event of a bad fall.

An electric bike has the luxury of less kilometer with 70km for €0.135 or €0.19/100km, assuming you use the assist to its full potential all the time. Then the more you use the pedal, the less you push. The strong point comes from the possibility of exceeding 25 km / h with the strength of the thighs, in order to reduce the flight time a little more.

Image source: Jérémy FDIDA
Image source: Jérémy FDIDA


The delivery tricycle is an electric powered tricycle that offers a staircase that allows you to shop, walk the kids and above all, stop at a traffic light without putting your foot on the ground. It is very useful for people who do not have a sense of balance, and much safer than cycling. It can be well seen in ZFE and with cyclists and will make you smile, which is a rarity in mainland France. He has a large size that forces him to stay outside a lot and exposes him to theft because he is clearly very desirable. Because we don’t dream, ZFEs will not guarantee the safety of vehicle alternatives. Prices range from 3000 to 5500 euros. The 0.5 kWh battery provides about 40 km of maximum assistance. Count 1.25€/100km, which makes it the most profitable family car on the market.

Image credit: Papal
Image credit: Papal


Let’s offer a beer to the person who developed this device. It is true that with its concept, we entrust our stability to the goodwill of the controller, battery, motor and power manager, which are intended to exert a force opposite to that which we exert on them. Each trip will be a treat reminiscent of sports holidays. You are literally one with the device. The other advantage: no one will bother you. You will be taken in order to find the crackpot that there are not enough ways to die. In fact, if it is well equipped, the risk of getting hurt is reduced. The Giroro puts the fun and spice into your life. The gyro has developed well. The Kingsong S18 has a 1.1 kWh battery with LFP (Lithium, Iron, Phosphate) cells capable of supporting over 2,000 cycles. Count at least 50 km. This is a cost of 0.44 euros / 100 km. Like foot pedals, unicycles are expensive to buy. Maintenance is rare but complex.

Image source: Jérémy FDIDA
Image source: Jérémy FDIDA

50cc mini electric scooter

As a child, you dreamed of a 103 SP motorcycle, a Vespa or a Solex. For between 3800 and 7200 euros you can ride an electric scooter. All the efficiency and response of electric power are in perfect silence so as not to disturb passers-by in low-emissions areas, who will not hear you coming either. It is clearly the most effective, fastest, most stable tool, but above all the most rational. Some models have a removable battery. A 3 kWh battery provides a range of at least 80 km. This costs 2.14 euros / 100 km.

Image source: Jérémy FDIDA
Image source: Jérémy FDIDA

electric balance bike

Recently authorized by law to clear bike paths, much to the chagrin of cyclists who see it as an anemic scooter, the electric balance bike combines the convenience of a mini scooter with the speed offered by some cycling facilities. Speed ​​but also safety in many cases, especially in suburbs, where these lanes are sometimes separated from the road. While the 25 km/h speed can be frustrating, it is compensated for by the less frequent stops on these tracks. A feeling of constant rolling is not a bad thing. You’ll have to wipe the eyes of annoying cyclists to see you move easily, but is that really a problem? The 0.806 kWh battery provides a range of at least 50 km on a single charge. This is a cost of 0.30 euros / 100 km.

Credit: Jeremy Fida
Credit: Jeremy Fida

Self service rental

We can call this solution: treating evil with evil. Self-service rental has tarnished the image of electric scooters and self-service bicycle rentals.

However, it has advantages as it avoids machine investment and obsolescence. However, it is hoped that the service chosen will provide a minimum number of vehicles and rely on a simple functional application.

In any case, these free-access scooters denigrated this machine and created constant anxiety among motorists, pedestrians, and possibly animals if they could talk.  Image source: Jérémy FDIDA
In any case, these free-access scooters denigrated this machine and created constant anxiety among motorists, pedestrians, and possibly animals if they could talk. Image source: Jérémy FDIDA

On average, the scooter costs 1 euro per serving and 0.25 euro per minute. Starting at an average of 17 km/h, this gives €93.20/100 km assuming you will cover 100 km in 5 rentals. We agree, this is the least profitable solution. Let’s say that sometimes it allows you to free yourself from walking to get somewhere in the city more quickly.

There are many operators who offer these bikes and scooters for free.  Services have a similar overhead cost.  Image source: Jérémy FDIDA
There are many operators who offer these bikes and scooters for free. Services have a similar overhead cost. Image source: Jérémy FDIDA

traditional rental

A traditional rental, such as Veligo for example, allows us to not be obligated to test whether the mode of transport suits us. Count €40/month for 6 months of subscribing to Veligo for example. Starting at an average of 10 km/day, we get a price of €13.60/100 km if we include the return shipping cost.

Image source: Jérémy FDIDA
Image source: Jérémy FDIDA

The premise of this story is that we are told that there are alternatives to using the car. This is absolutely true, but not for all uses. So, not this or that. Marriage to one of these vehicles does not mean divorce. If you prefer to use the bike only when the weather is nice, or use the scooter from time to time, that is up to you. Finally, the savings are real. This is more than obvious. With a consistent flight time, and when the infrastructure is good, there is a lot of fun. But nothing will give you the comfort of a car, automatic air conditioning, autonomous driving, insulation. However, if being in traffic can be convenient.

From there, it’s up to you to make your choices. But whatever you prefer, it should not generate any guilt. Note however, and contrary to many ideas received, that these electrical devices do not live forever. They wear out, like their components. But even taking the price of their replacement into the equation into account, they are still cost-effective. We will then be told that it is not environmental. recognized. But as stated at the beginning, this article was written for economic purposes.

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