Flanders: Do you qualify for a beneficial renewal loan?

If you own property in Flanders and want to renew it, you will be able – under certain conditions – to apply for a special loan from 1 September 2022. This inexpensive loan is granted by the Flemish Government and is offered under the MijnVerbouwLening (Special Renewal Loan) project. with me).

Thanks to this, Flemish ministers Saturn Demir (energy) and Matthias Dependael (housing) want to help low- and middle-income citizens to make their homes more energy-efficient. Zuhal Demir explained that “many families will be able to implement their projects and better arm themselves against rising energy prices.”

Am I eligible if I buy and renovate a home?

No, the MijnVerbouwLening loan is not Only for people who already own their home and who desires Make it less energy consuming. Therefore it is not intended for new owners.

Many families will be able to implement their projects and better arm themselves against rising energy prices.

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Flemish Energy Minister (N-VA)

However, since last year, They can use the renewal loan at zero rate for the Flemish government If they make their homes more energy efficient within five years.

To be eligible for the MijnVerbouwLening Loan, The place of residence must be in Flanders and be at least 15 years old at the time of applicationAnd the Except If the request relates to Financing a solar heater, heat pump (hybrid) or solar panels.

In this case, that’s enough The house was connected to the electricity network before January 1, 2014 or The environmental permit was granted at least five years ago.

In addition, not all families living in Flanders can benefit from this loan. If you win too much, you are not eligible. The system operates on the basis of income limits. Only low and middle incomes are affected.

for one One personAnd the Gross annual income cannot exceed €46,170. for Unaccompanied couple or one isolated with dependentthe roof was placed at €65,960. this is The amount has been increased by €3,700 for each additional dependent.

concretely, The administration takes into account the income mentioned in the last cautionary tax extract. “Dependent” means “child.”

If you live in de facto coexistence or If only one of the spouses owns housingAnd the Spouse’s income is not taken into account Who does not own housing.

Do I qualify if I rent a property?

Yes but Only if you rent out your property through a social real estate agency. In this case, Income limit is not taken into account. But The rent can’t be too high And the You must give a rent reduction for nine years.

“And therefore, The benefits are shared between the lessor – which improves the quality of its commodity; and the tenant – which is experiencing a decrease in the energy bill”, explains Matthias Dependael.

Doing excercise, The rent cannot exceed 900 euros (1,000 euros in city centers). The discount granted depends on the amount borrowed.


The The rent cannot exceed 900 euros (1,000 euros in city centers). The discount granted depends on the amount borrowed:

  • €20 for a maximum loan of €15,000.
  • 40€ for a loan between 15001€ and 30000€
  • 60 euros for a loan between 3001 euros and 45,000 euros.
  • 80 euros for a loan between 4,501 euros and 60,000 euros.

What if I own an apartment that is part of a condominium?

Many apartment buildings are undergoing major renovations to meet the 2050 energy and climate goals. But those who live in an apartment don’t decide on major renovations on their own. This decision is up to all co-owners. If you are an apartment owner, you cannot decide on your own to replace the frames or the roof. This decision must be made by the Association of Co-Owners.

The association can contact MijnVerbouwLening and borrow up to 60 thousand euros at reasonable rates to renovate the building, Supplemented by 25,000 euros per apartment.

The loan is repaid by the co-owners association through the allotment paid by all the owners or through the available capital.

Additionally, from the end of 2022, apartment owners will also be able to contact the Flemish government to help them draw up an in-depth renovation plan for their building.

What happens if you inherit a property or if you receive it as a gift?

If you inherited a property or if you received it through a donation and plan to renew it within five years, You can still apply for Energielening+ until August 31, 2022.

Effective September 1, this loan will be replaced by MijnVerbouwLening. Please note: You will only be eligible if you belong to the low or middle income category. You can apply even if you do not plan to live in this residence until the end of 2024.

How much can I borrow and at what price?

You can borrow Up to 60 thousand eurosA minimum of 1250 euros. you have to Repay the loan within a maximum period of 25 years. Energiehuis (where you must submit your application) will, on the basis of your financial situation and ability to pay, check what is acceptable to you.



The amount that can be borrowed and that must be repaid within a maximum period of 25 years.

You must request the loan amount no later than 36 months after signing the credit agreement. If you exceed this limit, you will no longer be able to request payment of other installments.

Note that at the time of launching this action, The loan is free (0% rate). MijnVerbouwLening Program It works on the basis of the legal rate. This is reported in January of each year and is based on Euribor for a period of one year. The loan is free as long as the legal rate is less than 3%. The applicant also benefits from a three percentage point reduction on the market price. The legal rate for this year is 1.5%.

Energiehuis does not charge any application fee.

What business is taken into consideration?

You can borrow the work covered by MijnVerbouwPremie (see box below). This is the new standardized bonus that replaces the old renewal bonus and most of the bonus that network operator Fluvius gives to investments aimed at reducing the energy bill.

Concretely, this is about renewal roofsubordinate External wallssubordinate outdoor wooden furnituresubordinate Floor renovation and the establishsubordinate interior renovationFrom Electricity and the healthyFrom heat pump (hybrid), a thermodynamic water heaterFrom solar water heaterFrom gas condensing boiler (only for low income) and Solar Panels. I can not Not obtaining a loan for demolition and reconstruction works.

Only invoices generated after the credit file has been submitted will be considered. Transitional measures are planned (see box below): For files submitted no later than 1 November 2022, invoices can be submitted by 1 July 2022.

Can I do the work myself?

to be eligible, However, most of the work must be performed by a licensed contractor. you can only Do-it-yourself interior renovation, electrical and plumbing work.

No requirements are specified in terms of E-level or energy performanceThe work must be eligible under the MijnVerbouwPremie program (see box below).

How can I submit my application?

This should be submitted In one of 18 Energiehuizen. You will find the nearest Energiehuis on mijnenergiehuis.be by entering the postal code of your municipality.

The government is working on a digital system, but it won’t work from the start. In any case, Energiehuis would first like to discuss your project with you.

You can submit your credit application until the end of 2026.

Does the renovation work you plan to do qualify for a bonus? Energiehuis will order a MijnVerbouwPremie for you and use it for early repayment of your loan.

Temporary suspension of renewal grant applications and most energy grants

Since 1 July 2022, the Flemish Renewal Bonus and most of the Energy Bonuses distributed by network operator Fluvius have been incorporated into New online application system: MijnVerbouwPremie.

After this integration, it is temporarily no longer possible to request these rewards. This will be possible again from October 1, 2022, via the Mijn VerbouwPremie platform.

The works in progress at Mijn VerbouwPremie are insulation and renovation of roofs, walls and exterior floors, glazing, exterior carpentry of windows and doors, renovation of interior walls, ceilings and stairs, electrical and plumbing, renewable energy production with solar water heater and heat pump (BAC).

Note that two additional bonuses It has been added to this business list. First of all, the premium Hybrid heat pump. This is a combination of a new air-water heating pump with a gas condensing boiler, new or existing. In addition, low-income people can benefit from a Premium for gas condensing boiler.

A number of bonuses have not yet been incorporated into Mijn VerbouwPremie and can still be ordered from Fluvius.

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