Lille: Financial support for students in a precarious situation - modern

Lille: Financial support for students in a precarious situation – modern

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– On August 11, 2022 at 2:30 pm

Being a student is not always easy financially. Therefore, the University of Lille has developed a solidarity plan with a budget of more than one million euros. The modern student explains everything to you!

At the beginning of the 2023 academic year, the University of Lille presents Many financial aid for disadvantaged students. The institution considers it “Success in studies depends on satisfactory living conditions.”. budget overmillion euros This solidarity plan has been allocated to students, which is divided into three categories. Aid that takes shape Electronic cards and checks Usable in different brands.

100 euros to spend at Carrefour

a Check 100 Euro Its spending at Carrefour will be paid to students benefiting from the Solidarity and Development Fund for Student Social Work Initiatives (FSDIE). They can then use it to buy whatever they want. Food, books, appliances, or even concert and festival tickets. About 1,200 students will be affected.

400 euros to buy a computer

345 students who benefited from the computer loan for the academic year 2021/2022 will be allocated for the next academic year A check for 400 euros to buy their laptop. An amount they can spend at dozens of brands like Backmarket, Cultura, Carrefour or even Fnac. Borrowed computers must be retrieved for use by new students.

250 euros for the beginning of the school year

for 3000 New graduates And the means test (Reference tax income less than 12,500 euros), will give the University of Lille A check for 250 euros During student life immersion days (JIVE). The goal is Better support for first year students in Transition from high school to college, refers to the foundation’s press release. this is Back to School Promotion First year students can spend it in different stores to buy supplies, furniture, household appliances or even clothes…

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