School insurance: benefits, guarantees, prices ... Our advice and everything you need to know before subscribing

School insurance: benefits, guarantees, prices … Our advice and everything you need to know before subscribing

School insurance covers your child for the duration of their studies in the event of any harm they may cause or suffer. Advantages, cost, mandatory or not … we evaluate.

At the beginning of the school year, a school insurance certificate is requested from you by your child’s school, college or high school. Is it useful to have such insurance? Is it necessary or mandatory? What exactly do you cover? Medilibre evaluates.

Is school insurance compulsory?

According to the UFC-Que-choisir, no. In fact, The organization hosting your child cannot force you to take one out. You do not need school insurance to cover the risks associated with the compulsory school activities, included in your children’s schedule (including activities outside of school, such as a trip to the pool or to the gymnasium).

The Consumer Protection Association gives us some advice:

  • Insure what your multi-risk home already covers for civil liability and any bodily insurance (life insurance) with your insurance company;
  • In light of your child’s schedule outside school hours (the canteen in particular), ask yourself if additional insurance is necessary and if so, to cover the risks;
  • Feel free to compare the insurance offered by parents’ associations with what your insurance company can offer you, paying attention to what is covered and what is excluded.

What about optional activities?

On the other hand, school insurance becomes mandatory if your child:

  • Participation in optional activities organized by the Foundation: visit to a museum, language stay, discovery classes, etc.
  • He frequents the canteen.
  • Participates in activities organized by the municipalities after school hours (supervised studies, cultural or sports activities), determines the position of the public service.

What will insurance cover?

Two basic guarantees: the civil liability guarantee, i.e. Damage caused by your children, and the Bodily Injury Cover, which covers damage to a child. These two guarantees may already be covered by insurance, which you already have.

Certainly, your children’s civil liability is already covered by our multi-risk home insurance. Likewise, the bodily accident insurance will be covered if you have taken out this type of insurance on your own for your family.

Additional warranties may be offered to provide optimal coverage. This is especially the case in the case of theft, extortion, damaged clothes, damage to a bicycle or musical instrument, etc. School insurance can also cover costs related to psychological support in the event of harassment or assault.

The same goes for cyberbullying. Legal advice and financial assistance to preserve or restore a person’s image transmitted on the Internet (“electronic reputation”) can also be provided, especially when it comes to “cleaning the web” by removing residual online fingerprints.

What is the cost of school insurance?

For subscribing to a specific contract, the cost is determined by the insurance company. Prices generally start at around €10 per year and per child, depending on the public service.

How do you choose your school insurance?

Before obtaining school insurance, you should make an assessment by examining the coverage already offered by your insurance and clearly identifying any additional coverage that school insurance may provide you: coverage for bodily accidents if this is not already the case, extortion or theft, assistance services in case of the disease …

Who do you buy school insurance for?

If you are not sure if it is a good idea to contact your usual insurance company or opt for a contract offered by parent-teacher associations, feel free to use our online insurance comparison tool! At Le Comparateur Assurance you have a complete view in this field.

We told you that above, but before that, be sure to check your insurance contracts to avoid duplicates. Multi-risk home insurance already includes civil liability coverage, which covers damages caused by your child. For damages, life insurance can do the trick, too.

However, keep in mind that school insurance also allows you to receive compensation in the event of disability or death.

Note: If your child changes school or institution, you must notify your insurance company.

Focus on individual accident coverage

An individual accident guarantee is a contract that provides for the payment of fixed compensation to the insured victim of an accident. Depending on the contracts, the warranty may be limited to accidents in private life or include accidents that occur in the exercise of the profession. This guarantee can be subscribed either individually or by joining a group contract.

according to capitalThese contracts can guarantee:

  • A lump sum in the event of the death of the insured is paid to the beneficiary specified in the contract;
  • A lump sum or annual salary paid to the insured according to the degree of his disability (permanent total or partial disability);
  • per diem in case of cessation of work following the accident;
  • Additional treatment costs after the accident (in addition to Social Security).

The amount of compensation varies depending on the chosen formula. The same is true for the capture mode.

Such as school insurance, individual accident coverage Mandatory for all optional activities organized by the school, whether for visits, language accommodation, discovery lessons, etc.

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