Groups in Microsoft Edge are a simple way to store web content

Groups in Microsoft Edge are a simple way to store web content

The groups working in the new Microsoft Edge The browser can be thought of as a repository where you can store and manage the content that interests you. Although this is the first release, it gives an overview of the final changes that may be introduced later. The previous version used an experimental flag that was disabled by default. On the other hand, the current version is enabled by default for all Microsoft Edge channels.

Store web content with Microsoft Edge suites

The versatile tool can adapt to many roles. For example, if you are a buyer, it will help you collect and compare items. If you are an event organizer, this will help you collect all the information about your event. Or, if you are a teacher or student, groups will help you organize your web searches and create lesson plans or reports.


After looking at the brief history of this feature, let’s see what new improvements the revamped version of Microsoft Edge suites include.

  1. Ability to access groups on different devices
  2. Ability to edit map titles
  3. Option to open all links in a group in a new window
  4. The quieter group part
  5. Dark appearance in groups
  6. Share across groups.

You can start by opening a file groups Part of the button next to the address bar. It is visible as a double square icon. Once opened, select “Start a new group‘And give it an appropriate name. Once you get to know it, you can start adding more relevant content to your groups.

1]Ability to access groups on different devices

Microsoft added sync for groups. So when an Insider signs in to preview versions of Microsoft Edge with the same profile they use on different PCs, the groups will sync between them automatically. This allows subscribers to easily and securely access files at any time, even when offline. In addition, they get the latest version of the file at their fingertips.

Microsoft humbly acknowledges that there are sync issues, but user feedback has helped it improve and refine the experience.

2]Edit map titles

Group edit option

One of the most requested and long-awaited features of the Edge browser is the ability to rename the titles of items in groups. Fortunately, the request received a positive response via a dedicated dialog. You can now edit the title by right-clicking and selecting “releasein the context menu. When the dialog appears, look for the Rename Title option.

3]Option to open all links in a group in a new window

Likewise, other comments from many users regarding an easy way to unlock all the sites saved in a group urged developers to come up with “open all‘ Selection. From now on, you can open all links through,

  • Get ‘Share and moreTo open tabs in a new window.
  • Via the group’s contextual menu to open them as tabs in the current window.

This way you can be sure to pick up where you left off last. Another user’s request for the option to save a set of tabs in a group has yet to be met. However, Microsoft confirms that its developer team is actively working on it. He might share the news soon when he’s ready.

Annoying popups and annoying popups can distract you. So, to restore peace and quiet, Microsoft’Try groupsFlyout to be quieter and less annoying.

5]Dark theme in groups

The advantages of dark themes are numerous and easy to understand: you don’t have to strain your eyes, the text is easier to read, plus it looks great, right? Edge developers made sure to offer the same experience in groups. So, try the dark look in the combos and let us know what you think.

6]Share via groups

Group sharing option

Sharing is an essential and universal etiquette in the digital world. As such, the ability to share content with others has become a new tradition. Adhering to this practice, groups in the Edge browser will allow sharing in two ways,

  • via the ‘copy all’ The option has been added toShare and more‘ the list
  • By selecting individual items and copying them via “copyin the toolbar.

Once you copy the items from your collection, you can paste them into your favorite apps, such as OneNote or email. If you paste in an app that supports HTML, you will get a formatted copy of the content.

Let us know if you find this feature useful for storing web content.


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