Her renters don't pay, she's forced to sleep in her car

Her renters don’t pay, she’s forced to sleep in her car

Since February, Anastasia has been forced to sleep in her car. However, this 54-year-old woman owns a house in Reunion Island. A house occupied today by a couple and their two children, according to our colleagues from L’info.re, Friday 12 August. However, since November 2021, these tenants have run into financial difficulties, and are no longer paying rent. So Anastasia decided to sue them.

Until last February, Anastasia lived in France. The 50-year-old decided to return to her island for the hearing. She won her case during her trial and the tenants were ordered to pay the rents owed to her. The judge gives them until June 23 to vacate the house. Then the couple asked for an additional period of five to eight months to find housing, but were refused.

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However, at the beginning of July, the family had not yet left their home. Since her tenants stopped paying the rent that was used to support her income, Anastasia has found herself in a complicated financial situation. Now she is unemployed, she cannot benefit from state assistance, because she is the owner. In addition to having to pay off the loan on her house, the 50-year-old must also finance her son’s education. Unable to find accommodation, Anasthasie has no other choice but to sleep in her car, sleep on the street or host at 115 people.

Faced with the tenants’ refusal to honor the eviction order, the bailiff sent a request for the assistance of public forces to the county. So the state must find housing for the family and evict them from St. Paul’s house by the beginning of September. If by that time no housing has been found, then Anasthasia will be transferred at the state’s expense until a solution is found. For its part, the family assured our colleagues to “make every effort to leave the building” and wait for a decision from the social realtors.

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