How do you finance the trip of a lifetime?

How do you finance the trip of a lifetime?

It is the dream of thousands of people: to travel for more than six months, to travel around the world or to visit an entire continent … However, to make this wild journey that sometimes takes indefinite duration, it is necessary to organize and to show insight. So, before we get into this project, here are some tips that can help you.

Choose the road trip format for a more economical trip

What’s always tempting is to leave with a backpack on your shoulders on a long road trip. This is good, because this method of travel is the most economical. Whether you choose to play it in the wild, going solo to the end of the planet or as the duo of Thelma and Louise, note that not all long-haul flights cost the same price.

For example, on a trip on the west coast of North America or a trip to Canada in the summer, saving before you leave is essential. When you get to the road, you have several options: Truck, car, motorhome or bus… Lots of options to avoid air travel, expensive and not environmentally friendly, you can ensure a reasonable budget for your stay. In fact, all your added costs (car rental, toll fees, petrol, etc.) will always be more economical than buying plane tickets between each phase.

You can also resort to a “holistic” solution. some Road trip planning platforms allow you to choose a pre-planned route To make your life easier. You know in advance in which hotel you will have to stop and what activities you can do each day. This type of offer is ideal for those who want to go on an adventure, but still want to guarantee a stay without unexpected events. These offers also save you a few tens or even hundreds of euros.

Learn about different loans to finance your trip

To finance an important trip, there are several solutions. In fact, not everyone has the possibility to save for a (very) long stay abroad. If this is your case, there are several options available to you.

Get a bank loan It might be the right solution. However, it is recommended not to exceed a certain debt ratio in calculating the monthly installments, so that this experience does not turn into a nightmare. That is why it is necessary to first calculate the budget for this trip by anticipating the most important expenses.

You can also fund your trip by sponsors or companies, taking the example of some influencers who specialize in travel, by reaching out on a daily basis. Other than that, you also have the option of crowdfunding sites, if you have a solid project that brings together community values.

You can finally Rent your home or apartment for the duration of your trip. Obviously, it comes down to choosing someone you trust, because they will live with you in your absence.

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Determine your travel budget carefully and stick to it!

You’ve been thinking about it for months, even whole years… Achieving your life’s journey is a dream that is about to come true soon. Be careful, some advice is not so much: it is not enough to prepare your project, itinerary and budget in advance. You have to stick to it!

If drop points are pre-booked in advance, they are unlikely to give way to the vagaries of flight. In fact, So determining the stop cities is an important point. If you deviate from your goal, you also risk losing the activity you planned, but that’s not all. You also risk wasting money and time on your next goals.

Book as many elements of your trip in advance as possible

Before you go, don’t forget to check out some basics. Since the pandemic, the health conditions for entering each country are different. In order not to get trapped, it is useful to anticipate this data.

The biggest advantage of being well prepared is the total cost of the trip. In fact, immediately, at the last minute, prices are known to rise. In addition, choosing your activities at the last minute can make you waste precious time, but also miss out on amazing visits and unusual places.

For example, if you want to go into exile for a while On Vancouver Island and whale watching, don’t be late to ensure your place on the boat. Consider booking a rental carTo avoid unpleasant surprises on the site and unnecessary tension. Indeed, who would like to find themselves without transportation to start their first day on a road trip?

Another scenario, you dream of visiting a very famous natural park across a particular city, but, to your dismay, entry tickets are already sold out once you get there. So, don’t risk wasting your time and money and miss out on unique travel experiences!

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