- For the renewal of higher education in Mali: Director General of CENOU, Colonel.  Ousmane Dembele is making big reforms – For the renewal of higher education in Mali: Director General of CENOU, Colonel. Ousmane Dembele is making big reforms

The National Center for University Business (CENOU) held its 24th Board of Directors on Thursday, July 28, 2022 in the premises of the said structure located in Kabala. This midterm session was chaired by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Amadou Awani, in the presence of the Director General of CENOU, Colonel Othman Dembele, and several administrators. Major innovative projects are underway on the campus of the University of Kabbalah, under the leadership of Colonel Dembele to renew higher education in our country and delight students.

A student loan will soon become a reality in Mali thanks to the CENOU-SAMA Money partnership.
In his speech, the Secretary-General indicated that this twenty-fourth regular session is being held in the context of crises exacerbated by the economic and financial sanctions unjustly imposed on our country, as well as due to internal difficulties related mainly to the lack of available financial resources. To meet needs and respond effectively to multiple requests. According to Dr. Amadou Owani, the range of sanctions imposed by subregional institutions on Mali, like many other sectors, had negative consequences for CENOU’s program of activities through budgetary constraints arising from the application of said sanctions. “Faced with the importance of these difficulties and the desire to overcome them, I would like to assure you, on behalf of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, of the availability of the department to support CENOU and to assist in the implementation of the reforms and the work envisaged.”
He identified the so-called revival of higher education as an ongoing and tireless endeavor for quality research within our university system. He adds that this core value is inseparable from meeting some of the basic needs of students, namely: regular and timely payment of financial allowances, ensuring adequate housing and healthy catering conditions, and striving for adequate health coverage; promotion and diversification of sports, artistic, cultural and other recreational activities; Other values ​​are also on the proofreading of the Centre’s operating texts, in particular those relating to the management of financial allocations in the context of LMD with the involvement of all higher education institutions. Dr. Amadou Awani took the opportunity to express his gratitude and thanks to the transitional authorities for their commitments and efforts in promoting and strengthening higher education and scientific research, through a proactive policy and prone to gradual launch. Lack of concentration of the university system throughout the national territory; This is evidenced by the issuance, on July 11, by the transitional president, of the three texts of the laws establishing the universities of Gao, Sikasso and Timbuktu. The Secretary-General announces the few activities planned and implemented in the first half of 2022 that focused mainly on: Exploiting the findings of the institutional study report on the revision of the operational texts of the CENOU Convention; Continuous review of texts related to the administration of scholarships and social assistance; Monitoring the process of approval of the procedures manual, which has made significant progress, and the signing of an agreement between CENOU and SAMA Money to establish a student loan system called “Advance for Scholarship”, which now allows students who wish to, to obtain an advance on their allowances through the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency .
It should be noted that there are four items on the agenda of this session: review and adoption of the minutes of the twenty-third regular session of the Board of Directors, and the status of implementation of recommendations. Evaluation and approval of the draft activity report for the first half of 2022; Examination and adoption of the draft deliberation on the reorganization of the internal structures of the CENOU Convention; During this Council, it was also a matter of examining and at the same time proceeding with the adoption of the draft deliberations on the revision of the organic framework of CENOU. After exhausting the items on the agenda, the officials agreed to meet in the next session.
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