What school insurance should I choose to start the school year?

What school insurance should I choose to start the school year?

Whatever age your child attends school – from the little section of kindergarten to his senior year – the school, college or high school will ask you for a school insurance certificate from the first days of class. Anticipate demand And ask yourself about multi-risk home insurance coverage. The latter can actually cover risks that occur during the school or vacation period for your child or teen.

What school insurance should I choose to start the school year?

What school insurance should I choose to start the school year?

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Note: Some insurance companies also offer a specific insurance formula for children who go to a group reception structure (reception center and nurseries) before starting school. There are also formulas to cover the daily life of students.

What is school insurance?

limited offer. 2 months for 1 euro without commitment

School insurance covers risks that your child causes or suffers while at school and on the trip home/school:

  • Civil Liability Guarantee (RC) Covers child damage: breaks yard mate’s glasses, damages overhead projector in class, etc. The school insurance will cover the claim through the Red Cross for all material damage or damage to others.
  • Personal Accident Coveragel Covers damage to your child, including if he cuts himself. Falling badly in the yard and breaking a leg? Conflict between children generates medical expenses for your offspring? Your child gets lost during a school outing, which involves search or rescue costs? etc.

Depending on the formula chosen with the insurance company, warranties can also cover theft or extortion. For example, with the MAAF Tempo contract for children, you can benefit from help in France and abroad, psychological support, home care, coverage against theft of glasses or clothes, etc.

Good to know: School insurance can also cover any day-to-day condition, 24 hours a day for your child.

In what cases is school insurance compulsory or optional?

School insurance is compulsory in the following cases:

Your child eats lunch in the canteen.

Participates in extracurricular activities (morning or evening daycare, supervised homework, recreation center, etc.)

Your teenage son is going on a language trip abroad.

Ice class or discovery class is organized by your child’s institution, etc.

School insurance is optional in the following cases:

Your child participates in an educational outing in the school district.

Physical education classes are held in a gymnasium outside the school.

Your pupil follows the ‘pool’ course during class hours, etc.

Tell yourself that not all activities on the school schedule require you to have mandatory school insurance.

What school insurance should I choose to start the school year?

What school insurance should I choose to start the school year?

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Where can I buy cheap school insurance?

Instead of striving for the cheapest school insurance rate on the market, take the time to compare additional guarantees that will allow you to find school insurance that matches your children’s daily life and potential risks.

In basic formulas, insurance companies always offer a civil liability and a bodily accident guarantee that may affect your child. However, your condition may require extended coverage, including health costs (dental prosthesis, broken glasses, transportation home/school in case of a broken leg, disability, etc.). Choosing these safeguards may come in handy in the event of an accident on the schoolyard or during a school outing.

Good to know: In the event of a claim involving your child, you have five days to report it to your school insurance.

Questions to ask yourself when choosing school insurance

What situations will your child face during this school year:

Do you eat in the school canteen?

Participation in extra-curricular activities?

Going on an expedition/snowy excursion with your class?

Is an internship in France or abroad?

What risks would you particularly like to cover for him and his siblings:

School belongings stolen?


A new pair of glasses or contact lenses?

Repair or replace a broken orthodontic appliance?

Broken hearing aid?

Invalid after an accident on the road?

Transportation costs for rehabilitation sessions?

Support for equipment entrusted to the enterprise and stolen by a third party (a digital tablet or musical instrument, for example)?

Is the bike damaged after the collision? etc.

How can I get school insurance?

Ask your insurance company to discuss multi-risk home insurance (which can cover all or part of the risks you want to cover for school and extracurricular activities and your children’s vacations).

ยท Request different quotes from other insurance companies that offer school insurance formulas (online or at an agency).

Carefully read the offer or offers to be made by the school, college or high school.

Compare and choose covered risks and level of discounts.

Subscription without delay ideally within two weeks after the start of the school year at the latest.

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It is up to you to choose the level of protection you want for your child. And good luck to all, parents and children alike!


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