Gabon: 77 young people trained in agricultural trades ready for self-employment

Gabon: 77 young people trained in agricultural trades ready for self-employment

# japon : The Project for Skills Development and Employment (PRODECE) has just completed its first phase of training youth in agricultural trades. They are 77, out of 100 initially, who successfully completed an internship in the farms of the Gabonese Development Support Institute.

In front of an audience of government figures and World Bank officials, applicants received certificates of completion. According to the Minister of Agriculture, Charles Mveh Ella, the project, which expires after 6 months, opens a new era in the presentation of agricultural training in Gabon.

“The goal is to provide our country with a new generation of agricultural entrepreneurs, that is, those who combine their love for agriculture and business. It is this new generation that is on the path of adding value to its production with the aim of production. It is this generation that finally succeeds in breaking out of the framework and finding Opportunities where others don’t see any.

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Now equipped in the fields of gardening, food crops, livestock, farm management, agricultural law, and entrepreneurship, these young people will benefit from the World Bank’s seed fund to settle into their own accounts.

For Charlene Moussavo, a recent graduate in agricultural entrepreneurship, farming is a job with a future. “We invite Gabonese youth today to embark on agriculture and experience this experience. Because agriculture is the field of the future. Agriculture allows us to be self-sufficient as agricultural entrepreneurs.”

After this training, these young people will be part of the supply chain of the Gabonese Agricultural Achievements Program and Committed Citizens Initiatives (GRAINE) to sell their products. Nguema Nkoghe is among the agricultural entrepreneurs who are motivated to pursue this enormous adventure. “What motivated me first and foremost was my father. Today I can confirm that farming is paying off. It is not just people who have not studied.”

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The interest of this project for the government is to professionalize the agricultural sector and reduce the unemployment rate in Gabon, by supporting young people in agricultural professions. Because by 2025, Gabon plans to produce more than 50% of the country’s food consumption domestically. This will allow it to increase the share of agriculture in the country’s GDP, compared to less than 5%

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