MotoGP: Marquez wants to come back from 2022

MotoGP: Marquez wants to come back from 2022

While fully recovering after major surgery on his right arm, Marc Marquez has expressed his desire to resume competition before the end of the 2022 season, if doctors give the go-ahead and if he feels ready to return.

Looks like Marc Marquez is starting to find the long haul. Just over two years after his terrible fall during the Spanish Grand Prix at Jérez de la Frontera, the six-times world champion is working to make a full recovery from the heavy surgery he underwent last June. It intervened at the level of the right humerus, which was the last chance if the pilot wanted the number 93 to restore his full potential and leave the tunnel for good. ” It’s really hard mentally because I’ve been in trouble for two years, not two monthsMarc Marquez said during an interview with the official MotoGP website. It was hard and it’s still on my mind today, not because I don’t run and others run, but because IThere is always this doubt: How will the arm go? “Recognizing that the new operation will involve a lot of risks, the Cervera native ensures that he waits for his doctors’ opinion before considering a return.” In a month or two I will know if my arms are ok and if it is enough to continue running. “, he added.

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However, Marc Marquez stresses that he will do everything in his power to return to competition in the coming months, but not before receiving the medical green light. ” When the doctor says to me “the bone is fixed, you can intensify his rehabilitation”, then I will intensify my rehabilitationsaid the Spanish pilot. Once I feel ready to ride a motorcycle at an acceptable level, I will start riding because to get to 100% you have to ride a motorcycle. When you are on a motorcycle, you are using specific muscles. “As for getting back on the track, Marc Marquez doesn’t want to move too fast…but he hopes it will happen before the end of 2022.” My main goal, and very realistic when I talk to the doctors, is to try to do races this yearHonda driver adds. It could be the last two, maybe, or the last in Valencia to put me back in rhythm. But he does not hide it, The goal will not be to seek a performance but to ‘get back to the rhythm’ before the end-of-season testscrucial in giving the right direction to a Honda team that is in great difficulty.

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