Bayern Munich |  Canadian Davis is ready for a great season

Bayern Munich | Canadian Davis is ready for a great season

(Munich, Germany) At the age of 21, Alphonso Davies was on the verge of playing the most important season of his football career. With his club Bayern Munich, he sees “Fonzy” big and his ambitions limitless, like a club that used to win at least one trophy every season.

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He aims first to get a new title for the German champion, which will be 11e Consecutive for the Bavarians, and his fourth crew. The Canadian international also made the German Cup target, a year after a shock elimination in the round of 16 in Mönchengladbach with a 0-5 hit in goal.

But in the Champions League in particular, he wants to shine and return to the front of the stage in the most prestigious club football competitions. Knocked out in the quarter-finals by Spain’s lowly side Villarreal in the spring, Germany’s most successful club is targeting the Continental Cup on June 10, 2023 in Istanbul.

“When you are under contract with Bayern Munich, only winning is important,” he said during a press conference two weeks ago in Munich.

This state of mind can be felt everywhere and at all times in the training center. This season, we still have a great squad in all areas of the game which will allow us to move forward. I am very optimistic.

Alphonso Davies

With the new season approaching, Davis’ form looks promising. A well-prepared author during a week-long tour of Washington and Green Bay, in the United States, he was the most sought-after player in Munich by the local media, and he is undoubtedly growing in strength, as his successful performance attests to this. That’s when the tournament resumed in Frankfurt (6-1) last Friday.

He will be absent for about four months (January-April) due to myocarditis after contracting COVID-19 at the end of January. That’s why he now prioritizes his health.

“I went through a complicated period with this health defect,” added former Vancouver Whitecaps. The hardest thing was that the doctors told me I would have them for so long without being able to give me an exact date, which worried me a lot. I even had doubts about whether I could Playing again. Today I feel relieved and happy to be able to practice my profession again.”

PHOTO Matthias Schrader, Associated Press

Alphonso Davies and Bayern Munich faced Eintracht Frankfurt on Friday.

full schedule

Now he hopes his body will leave him in peace so he can play games every three days this fall, with a very busy schedule on the program. A sign of its importance within Germany’s venerable workforce: Bayern officials have allowed England’s Omar Richards to leave this summer for Nottingham Forest.

This means that Davies is the only left-back in the group, although France international Lucas Hernandez can assist in the absence of Davis. It is a position where there is no competition, evidence of the Canadian’s untouchable standing at Bayern Munich.

“I feel really good at this club,” Davies said. As a player, everything is there to thrive. At the game level we are thrilled and still have a lot of appetite, even if we win the last 10 tournaments. We now want xi. Our desire to win is still strong. »

In Munich, it is very popular. For many observers, Bayern’s Champions League exit against Villarreal in April has been linked to Fonzi’s late comeback, and the disappointing performance of his side in the first six months of 2022, with his lengthy absence.

For former Bayern president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who left the club a year ago to enjoy a quiet retirement, “The frenzy is a phenomenon. The former German soccer star in the 1980s recalls the Canadian’s arrival in southern Germany.

PHOTO MARTIN MEISSNER, Associate journalist

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, former president of Bayern Munich

“Our recruitment unit fought hard to be able to recruit him, knowing we had a lot of competition. We wanted it at any cost. We quickly discovered his huge potential. He is one of the best players in the world in this position. In my opinion he is number one. I don’t know a player like him that quickly.” “He is explosive, technically strong and has a big mind. He is a player who quickly became indispensable at Bayern Munich. He is also a fighter who knew how to impose his destiny by showing tremendous courage and selflessness.”

How does Rummenigge judge the Canadian character?

“He is always courteous, polite and smiling. He is a good person. He never forgets where he came from. Anyway, I sincerely hope that he will stay in Munich for many years, because he is also very much appreciated by our fans who like to identify with certain players, and Alfonso is one of them.” At Bayern, he found the perfect address to thrive. »

This summer, Davis took full advantage of his six-week vacation to return fresh and motivated in early July to Sabenerstrasse (FC Bayern coaching center), is well aware of the crucial deadlines looming with his club before he packs his bags for Doha with the Canadian selection. On November 23, he will play the first World Cup match of his career against Belgium.

“Until then, we still have a lot of deadlines with Bayern,” said the Bodopuram native, a refugee camp in Ghana. Then we can focus on the World Cup. Anyway, all of these challenges promise to be very exciting. I feel physically and mentally fit and ready to take on all of these challenges. »

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