Brest Stadium.  Hugo Magnetti, the young man at Stade Brestois, has grown up so well

Brest Stadium. Hugo Magnetti, the young man at Stade Brestois, has grown up so well

Ligue 1 – Stade Prestois – Olympique Marseille, this Sunday (8:45 pm)

At 24, you are entering your sixth season in Brest and are now considered a “former” member of the club. Is this a role close to your heart?

It has already proven that the club trusts me, which is fun and also proves that I am interested in this club. It’s a role that suits me well, I know the changing room well, and I can help the newcomers get used to it.

How is 2022 Magnetti different from 2017?

I have gained maturity, experience and confidence too. I grew up with this club and saw it grow. I came here (from Bastia, I landed administratively in 2017) to join an ambitious club. At the end of my first season in the professional workforce, we were back in Ligue 1, and that necessarily reinforced my idea that I had made the right decision.

“OM is my heart club, my childhood club. It is exceptional to wear this shirt when you are a citizen of it.”

In Brest, it was Dall’Oglio who really started at the end of the 2020-2021 season, before Der Zakarian trusted you in turn (1). It seems that this backlog of matches has allowed you to grow …

I needed this. This regularity really connect matches I missed. Playing more allowed me to free myself, and increase confidence in myself, in my game.

The club has not yet completed its recruitment and, in addition to the striker, is still looking for a defensive midfielder, your position. What inspires you?

It is only natural to seek to expand a group when you want to be competitive. We need players, double the positions. This competition is normal and like every year, I’ll be ready. It doesn’t scare me.

You spent a good part of your training years in Marseille, particularly in OM, between 2004 and 2007. What do you keep from those years?

It was a very nice trail. OM is my heart club, my childhood club. It’s exceptional to wear this shirt when you’re a citizen. After that, I was still young, so it was more fun than anything else…

“Winning at the Vélodrome, in front of my family, my friends, was crazy. When I entered the field, I saw myself in the corner as a kid, it was so strong…”

Today, how do you deal with these matches against Marseille?

Even if Sunday is my fourth game against them and it won’t be like the first time, it’s still special. There are family and friends and a lot of people who send messages, who are confused (laughs) … but I deal with it calmly. If I put too much pressure on myself, it could hurt my performance.

Last year, against OM, Stade Brestois had contradictory experiences…

I participated in both meetings. There, we had a perfect match, which allowed us to go for a historic result (2), and at home, we were slapped (1-4) … When we went to win there, this is the first time I played there in front of the audience (in 2020, it took place The match is behind closed doors due to health conditions). This was perhaps the most beautiful memory of my young career… Winning at the Vélodrome, in front of my family, my friends, was crazy. When I got into the playground, I saw myself in the turn as a kid, it was very strong … but it did not last long: I immediately entered the game and ignored it all.

What does OM Tudor inspire you as you are about to encounter it?

It’s a team that rebuilt itself over the summer, and was seen during the pre-season games as it struggled. But we also saw against Reims, during the first day, that they were ready. It’s a European team, and it obviously has to be taken seriously. We know the value of their individuality, but we also have to be wary of the quality of their group.

“I am and I am still from Marseilles (…), it will remain engraved. But it is true that with my longevity here, I feel Bristola and a little Breton in my heart.”

After three seasons in Corsica and six in Brittany, do you still consider yourself a native of Marseille?

I am and am still from Marseille (raised in the Estaque area), and I still have all my family and many friends there. It is my hometown, and it will remain engraved. But it is true that with my longevity here, I feel a perista, and a bit of a britton in my heart. Brest is the city that has welcomed me very well, where I feel very good.

1. Magnetti has won seven times in the last eight games of the 2020-1921 season (13 games played during the season), and has lined up 25 times last season, including 17 as a starter.

2. By winning (2-1) at the Stade Velodrome thanks to Faivre and Honorat, Brestois had won the first match in its history in Marseille, and achieved his sixth consecutive victory.

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