Lalo Di Maria: "I want to be a bullfighter because you can change your life in ten minutes"

Lalo Di Maria: “I want to be a bullfighter because you can change your life in ten minutes”

An interview with Nîmes novillero who explains, with maturity and intelligence, why he chose this challenging job rather than a more comfortable life.

Is your background outside of bullfighting schools an advantage or a hindrance?

I obviously have shortcomings compared to the newbies who tore 60 without a picador. With four paseos in a non-piqué, I don’t have the same job and the suit is heavy. I couldn’t prepare myself more this winter and felt my physical limits in Neem because it’s a different effort. I loved this challenge of jumping into a wolf’s mouth. Nowadays, we’re torn a little bit into Novelada and have to go straight to the big parties. Even if I’m lucky, it’s hard to make a name like novillero today.

Before, we were bullfighting in Pueblos before going to Madrid. Currently, the opposite…

It is very difficult to go to the big Feria with small luggage. We play poker but I loved these challenges that made me grow. I will return to Nimes in September and to Seville next year to win. 2022 is the year of the break as I will only do about ten paseos in the big arenas. Even if you prefer to fight in villages to gain experience, wear uniforms, and fight to get close to the big parties.

“Béziers… for me, it’s the most important feria in France.”

What is your assessment of these first novels?

The Great Door of Aguascalientes gave me morale. Now I have to win everywhere because so many beginners have shone in Madrid and closed the doors of the Novellada circuit in my face. I’m going to Madrid in 2023 because now you have to succeed there to get into less important events. I will work hard this winter and go to Mexico for two months where I will have opportunities after my success in the beginning of the season. 2023 should be a year of victories to take the replacement at the end of the season strong. That’s the medium term goal but for now I’m focused on Bezier. For me, it is the most important Feria in France with Nimes because I have a lot of respect and affection for Robert and Olivier Marge and everyone knows my friendship with Sebastien Castilla.

You suffered your first injury in Seville. What memory do you keep?

It is a very beautiful memory and a beautiful story because I have been waiting for this first blood. It brought me maturity and courage. My early beginnings in Seville left me with feelings of beautiful nature and this difficult moment. In the absence of a victory because the cattle did not allow it. We all have guts but I gained it because we developed it cleverly and this blood broke the ice about it. I know I’ll take others to places I return. I was lucky that it wasn’t more serious because it was violent. Injuries are not an objective but we always learn from them because it is never the fault of the Taurus.

It’s just getting started and has already gotten quite a bit of publicity, which makes me jealous…

I asked myself the question regarding accepting this report on Paris Match in Nîmes because I haven’t done anything on the scene yet. I knew I was going to be criticized but I took a risk. Because talking about any bullfighter in the mainstream media is always beneficial to bullfighting. Especially in the current context. My story is attractive because at the age of 20, I am an atypical bullfighter, and have resided several lives already in Paris and Los Angeles. The media expects more from a bullfighter who trains and fights in the ring. I was fortunate enough to dream of a life with a bullfighting mother and rich parents. Those who criticize me will stop if I show my courage and abilities in the arena.

“You have to explain to people.”

Is advertising for bullfighting important?

You have to explain to people. Why would you want to play life instead of go to high school and have a more comfortable life? Why do we kill Toru? It’s such a deep thing and bullfighting is so controversial that it has to be defended internationally. I was drawn to bullfighting because you have ten minutes to change your life. Toro doesn’t know that I’m Mary Sarah’s son and we’re all alike when we meet him in a yard.

There will be rivalry in this new Bezier novel…

Actually because I’m going to bullfight with a couple of the current best starters and I’ll see if I’m ready. It is a novillada competition and therefore I will be facing Margé and San Sebastian, which especially motivates me. I have to win and get people talking about me. Between Bézier, Nimes, Albacete, and Saint-Gilles, I must show in four novels that my place is. Persuasion to reach credibility next year.

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