Narbonne: A car sales scam?  Certificates are pouring in

Narbonne: A car sales scam? Certificates are pouring in

Several vehicle transactions with the Narbonne “I sell your” franchise did not go as planned. Fifteen customers say they are victims of a scam. The national leader of the group supports them.

“A national brand with a storefront in Narbonne…we had confidence.” By contacting the local agency of the Je vendre network, founded since September 2020 in the Croix Sud region, these individuals hoped to sell or acquire a car in complete safety. It was without relying on the managers of this independent franchise, they were clearly unscrupulous. In the end: about fifteen of them – at least – lost their car and their money.

“We trust, we put the car aside and then nothing…”

Like Jean-Pierre Cote Pages de Salle. This phytosanitary businessman commissioned his car, a large C4 Picasso, to sell to Narbonnese for €12,000 (less than €1,500 commission). “Six days after the sale, they told me that the car had a problem with the cylinder head gasket and the buyer wanted to cancel the sale … I later learned that the gray card was still in my name .. I never received the money, Witness. We trust, we put the car aside and then nothing… Today we are working to pay off the loan.”

A complicated financial situation in which Narbonnais Joffrey Campo also finds himself. The 32-year-old volunteer firefighter dumped a BMW 1 Series at the dealership in February. Selling price: 21,500 euros. “It was sold two months later, and the company had to transfer the money to me…, He explains. Then the managers told me the cap was too high and offered to reschedule – two installments of €10,000 – and then the second and third. They were never honored.”

So Joffrey contacts a lawyer who puts the company on notice to pay its dues. Without news, he lodged a complaint at the end of June with the gendarmerie in Lézignan-Courbierre. “Aujourd’hui, je suis obligé de travailler à côté pour payer l’emprunt qui court et aurait dû être remboursé par la vente et le crédit pour une autre voiture, soit au total 600 € par mois au’est de 300. very complicated”.

“Backed Checks Without Money”

Meanwhile, Myriam B will only recover €10,000 from the sale of her Ford Transit Custom, which sold for €41,000. “After many unanswered calls and texts, I went there, Concerning Periaquis. I ended up getting two checks that unfortunately came back without money.

Same for Joseph Silvaggio of Narbonne: “I took my car, the Infinity M30 GT, to this business in May, and it sold out in June. When I came back from vacation three weeks later, I didn’t have the money yet. I went to see them and they wrote me a check for €13,500. In mid-July, the bank called me : The check was bad.”

Marks were submitted at the end of July at the request of the franchisor.

Sellers are not the only ones involved, the damage also affects many buyers.

“My 18-year-old son wanted to buy his first car, Sabrina P says: On “I sell your” in Narbonne we found a 208 GTI at a price of 11,990 euros. During testing, the engine light came on, but the sign manager told me that it was normal, that the bearings had to be changed and that it was to be expected. The case thus ends and the car is delivered on the morning of July 9. “The same evening, at 9:30 p.m., my son called me to tell me that he had broken: the connecting rod had passed into the engine, oil had leaked all over the road, and the engine was out of order.”

Two days later, Sabrina informed the manager and requested that the sale be cancelled. “He tells me that there is no problem, that my order is normal and assures that he is taking care of it…, She completes. The next day he called me again: according to him, it will be my son’s fault if the engine fails! “. The result: a credit on the back of the car and an unusable car.

“I filed a complaint and requested that the transfers be cancelled”

David Darmancier lives and works in Lyon. With his wife, they also own a second home in Groisin. In a few days, the 43-year-old computer engineer is changing employers. On July 15, David, who until then was a professional car, saw an advertisement on Le Bon Coin for the Mégane offered at a price of 12,000 euros. “We text the seller in Narbonne and make an appointment in three days to try the car. It fits us and we start ordering it,” He explains. The delivery date is set for July 29 and transfers are being made.

On D-Day, at 6:30 a.m., the news fell by email: “We will not be able to assume that your car will be delivered because the sign is closed. I will get back to you very quickly to pay for the car in question”. At nine in the morning, David went there and discovered that the mark had disappeared. “I filed a complaint with the Gendarmerie of Narbonne on the same day and requested that the transfers be cancelled.” In hindsight, the money has already been deducted … “With the testimonies we have received from the other plaintiffs, we are very concerned that we will be able to get our money back one day, trust. I will be starting my new business soon and I don’t have a car or the money to buy another one.”

bad management? Knight’s weapon? Dishonesty ? scam ? The investigation should shed light on this. At the moment, the prosecutor is refusing to communicate on the file.

The group creator and leader break the franchise contract and file a complaint

At the headquarters of “Je vends votre”, a network of interpersonal used car dealerships, created in 2010 and headquartered in Pyrenees-Orientales, Frederic Chaves, Creator and Director, ensures: “We have 30 agencies in France and we have never had a problem with our franchisees. We always go through the escrow account.

After receiving many calls and testimonials at the parent company, the group manager was quick to start the process. “I broke the franchise contract on July 23 and had the banners removed. The goal is to protect myself and the clients. I also reported to the Narbonne Public Prosecutor and filed a criminal and civil complaint. This is not the image we are conveying. I will not let the clients down. What I want is that they all get their money back.”

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