The war in Ukraine, live: "Silence limits complicity", Volodymyr Zelensky denounces the concern of Russian citizens

The war in Ukraine, live: “Silence limits complicity”, Volodymyr Zelensky denounces the concern of Russian citizens

Cover Photo: A destroyed street market in Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, after a bombing on August 14, 2022. NACHO DOCE / REUTERS

  • Today, Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed Russian citizens, asking them to take a stand against the war.. “When evil takes such proportions, the silence of the people equals complicity.” He said in the daily video. “If you have Russian citizenship and you are silent, (…) This means that you support evil. (…) Wherever you are, your voice must resound in favor of Ukraine, and therefore against this war.”he added.
  • “The risks are increasing every day” in ZaporizhiaOn Sunday, Dmitriy Orlov, mayor of Enerhodar, the city where the nuclear power plant is located, said. The firing of mortars at the power plant has become a daily occurrence, according to Mr. Orloff, who has deplored a “Pure and Simple Nuclear Terror” from Russia. Zelensky warned that his army would retaliate against Russian forces targeting the facility or launching strikes from its territory.
  • Ukraine said on Sunday that Russian forces crossing the Dnieper River in the Moscow-occupied southern Kherson region risk being caught there. After turning off all existing bridges.
  • The first humanitarian ship chartered by the United Nations to transport Ukrainian grain was loaded on SundayAnd the Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure announced 23,000 tons of wheat, ready to go to sea.
  • Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad denied a rumor that Bratislava had handed over its fleet of MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine. Which is scheduled to be grounded and to be replaced by a US-made F-16. This week, a club confirmed the delivery of four Zuzana self-propelled guns sent to Kyiv by Slovakia.
  • Iran Khodro, the main Iranian automaker, on Sunday signaled its willingness to re-export for the first time in yearsits production towards the Russian market, announced its CEO.

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