Back to school: 55% cost increase over 20 years

The General Federation of Student Associations (FAGE) revealed its index for the cost of back to school in 2022: €2,527 on average, an increase of 7.38% over the previous year.

2527 euros. This is according to the General Federation of Student Associations (FAGE) which held a press conference on Tuesday, August 16, what the student will pay for returning to school in 2022. An increase of 7.38% compared to last year, and 55% if we refer to the last twenty years. Thus, in Le de France, the cost of return increased from 1,760 euros in 2003, compared to 2,733.25 euros in 2022. Returning students to the provinces today costs an average of 2,453 euros, compared to 1,580 20 years ago. For comparison, the cumulative inflation rate was 31.6% between September 2003 and July 2022.

To reach these conclusions, FAGE lists two types of expenses: Those related to daily expenses (rent, fees, food, hygiene products) and those for the start of the school year (registration fees, educational materials such as books, for example…). Hence, living expenses It is estimated at 1,219 euros, an increase of 1.92%. This development is explained, among other things, by very high inflation (6.1% in July 2022 over one year, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Statistics).

The set re-entry fee, which is often prohibitive for students, increases further: From € 1132.44 to € 1164.36 in the region and from € 1351.14 to € 1374.70 in Ile-de-France. That is, an average of 1,307 euros for the whole of France, which is an increase of 13.04% compared to 2021.

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Housing is expensive, healthcare is falling through the cracks

Not surprisingly, housing remains the main component of student spending: €552 per month on average for housing. However, we note that the rent is slightly lower in Le-de-France (€670.76 for the start of the academic year in 2022 compared to €674.30 in 2021). On the other hand, it increases in regions (€508.93 today compared to €499.95 last year).. Shopping for food and hygiene products is also affected by inflation (+6.68%).

As a result, some students are forced to Ignore important expenses: While supplementary health insurance has seen its cost rise (411 euros, or 32.21% more than in 2021), 40% of students said they have given up on healthcare In March 2020, 43% of them were for financial reasons. This is concerning given that 83% of students believe they have been affected on a psychological, emotional or physical level since the start of the health crisis in March 2020, according to FAGE.

Again this year, the Back to School Cost Index brings us back to reality: It’s impossible for a student to beat this Without resorting to parental help, a loan, or even a student job They are even rarer with the health crisis still raging, notes the union, which is calling on the state to take a range of measures, including reforming scholarships on social standards or building student housing.

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