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Quebec Solidere ready for elections

Of the five parties represented in the National Assembly, Quebec Solidere was the first to send an entire team in the Laval region.

At the end of June, Jose Belanger (Vimon), Jose Chevalier (Laval de Rapids), Zachary Robert (Chomidi) and Jesse Leger (Fabre) joined Guillaume Lagoy (Mel-El) and Karen Clichy (Saint Rose), the first candidates to invest two months ago.

Ten days before the election call, a Mel Laval These four candidates who complete Laval’s ranks in the party led by Gabriel Nadeau Dubois are presenting for the elections on Monday, 3 October.


Jose Belanger, a nurse oncology and palliative care for 18 years, and a candidate in Vimont County, where she lives, has made health one of her priorities alongside the environment.

When she was hired, she argued, “Having worked on the front lines during COVID, it is important for me to share my health expertise and ensure better access to care, to provide quality care and appropriate services to our residents, especially our seniors.”

The party portrays her as a “longtime activist for better health care,” noting that Ms Bellanger founded the SOS Cancer Quebec movement and lobbied former Health Minister Yves Bolduc to reduce waiting time for people with cancer.

“Quebec Solidere is the only party committed to changing working conditions for health workers who are the backbone of our health system,” says the person who has already worked as a nurse in British Columbia and Ontario.

Former teacher, Jose Belanger holds BA and MA degrees in Education from the University of Montreal as well as a Diploma in Nursing Sciences from Ontario.

Laval de Rapids

With a MA in English Literature from the University of Montreal, José Chevalier has taught English for 20 years at Collège Montmorency, and is very involved in the labor movement both locally and nationally. As a union delegate, she actively participated in CEGEP teachers’ agreement negotiations, she says.

“Being from a working class family, I quickly became interested in workers’ rights and issues of social justice. I am running for Québec Solidaire because I believe it is the only party that offers real solutions to the fight against poverty, the housing crisis and the many social and economic hardships that unfortunately affect too many families and singles at Laval-des-Rapides,” the candidate announced in a press release on her inauguration day.

Ms. Chevalier, who campaigned for free education and an increase in the minimum wage, also took charge of the Women’s Committee in her workplace and was involved in formulating a policy against all forms of sexual violence. In Quebec Solidere, she was elected as Laval’s representative to the National Women’s Committee.


Climate justice activist Zachary Robert, dressed in the colors of Québec Solidaire in Chomedey, participates in the Student Coalition for Environmental and Social Transformation (CEVES), created in 2020. He also launched a mobilization group for climate justice at Montmorency College that was studying in it.

Today he enrolled with a degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQÀM), before earning a BA in Secondary Education in Quebec Culture and Citizenship, Zachary Robert was also involved in the movement Laval in transition and Québec Solidaire in the wake of the large regional rally for the September 27, 2019 Climate March, a historic gathering that drew a few hundred thousand protesters on the streets of Montreal.

“A united government is not a luxury, it is the just alternative to a society aware of its own impacts and able to withstand the coming environmental and social crises. […] Scoops and a short-term vision, we don’t want them anymore,” the candidate confirmed at his inauguration.


Solidarity candidate in Fabre, Jesse Leger is currently the Political Attaché to the Council of Ministers of Partie Laval as well as sitting on the executive body of the youth wing of this municipal formation represented in the City Council.

She holds a BA in Criminology from the University of Ottawa and an MA in Political Science and International Law from the University of Queensland, and is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Complaint Assistance and Support (CAAP-Laval) for Users of the District’s Health and Social Services Network.

Under the banner of Quebec Solidere decided to engage in active politics. For me, QS is the only regional party that promotes and takes the social environment seriously and that succeeds in reaching young people, like me, under the age of 35. It is time to adopt a new vision for Quebec and do politics differently, said Jesse Leger, who has identified protecting farmland and golf courses as well as accelerating the shift toward sustainable mobility as the main issues in the West. El Jesus.

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