Ticket Restaurant: What is the date of the extension of use?

Ticket Restaurant: What is the date of the extension of use?

Restaurant coupon. As part of the Purchasing Power Act, Parliament has passed several measures related to the use of meal vouchers. When will it come into effect?

[Mise à jour du mardi 16 août 2022 à 14h41] FifthDo you use restaurant tickets to do your shopping? Good news, you will soon be able to pay Any food product, whether directly edible or not, This is until December 31, 2023 within the specified daily ceiling. From what date will this be possible? This should be the case once the law is passed in favor of purchasing power, which allows this device. It was ratified by Parliament on August 4 and passed before the Constitutional Council on August 12, thus it is supposed to be promulgated in the coming days. Until now, brands have been limited to the list of eligible products for foods that can be consumed immediately.

Another novelty, the employer’s share of the exempt meal voucher was €5.92 on September 1, 2022. The maximum face value is now set at €11.84. During the parliamentary review, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said he was in favor of a new cap of €25 per day. “I am ready to increase the usable value per day,” he told lawmakers in July. According to the minister, this will be done by regulation and not by legislation. The announcement came as the government put an end to the €38 ceiling on July 1, 2022 which was put in place as part of the health crisis, in order to support the catering sector. At present, it is Meal vouchers can no longer be used on weekends either..

There is no law on restaurant tickets and collective agreements do not cover this issue. Labor law governs the distribution of these tickets: employees cannot eat their meals in designated workplaces, so the employer is required to provide a catering structure when the company employs more than 25 people. In this case, the company has several options: distribute restaurant coupons, create a catering structure for the company or an intercompany restaurant or award a lunch bonus.

What is the limit for restaurant tickets per day? 25 euros?

Due to the Corona virus crisis, the ceiling for the use of restaurant vouchers has been raised From 19 to 38 euros per day Ago June 12, 2020and this is, Until June 30, 2022. Payment cap for restaurant vouchers in 2022 remains the same 38 euros per day, Including weekends and holidays. This new cap is only applied in RestaurantsAnd the Hotels and restaurants And the Similar drinking establishments. Restaurant ticket ceiling is still fixed at 19 euro In food stores such as supermarkets or supermarkets. The government promised to raise it to 25 euros per day, without specifying when this measure will enter into force.

Can we still use restaurant tickets on weekends? Saturday and Sunday ?

no. Since July 1, 2022, the government has put an end to the exceptional measure allowing restaurant vouchers to be used on weekends. To use restaurant vouchers on Saturday and/or Sunday, your employer must authorize you to do so.

How much are food tickets?

Legally, the employer is free Determine the value of meal vouchers provided to its employees. However, in reality, they rarely deserve it Over 11.10 Euro, for tax reasons. According to data from the National Restaurant Voucher Commission, the average face value of restaurant vouchers issued in 2021 was 7.70 €.

Where can I pay with a restaurant ticket?

According to the legislation, restaurant coupons allow for the purchase of a meal or food preparation at establishments that accept them. Where March 2010, Their use in supermarkets is more restricted. Restaurant tickets can only be used to purchase sandwiches, fresh, frozen or canned meals, prepared salads, and mixed salads. Alcoholic beverages cannot be purchased with catering tickets.

From the specific space available on the websites of service providers who issue their meal vouchers, employees can do so See the exact list of points of sale The place of payment is in the restaurant voucher.

Normally, merchants do not have to give away coupons for surplus meals. The law usually allows only one address to be used. However, in practice, two meal vouchers are allowed. Finally, in theory Meal vouchers cannot be used on Sundays Because their use is reserved for working days. Employees working on Sundays are exempt from this rule if a special mention appears on their meal voucher.

Employees can also use their restaurant vouchers at Catering establishments Such as traditional restaurants, fast food establishments, self-service establishments or restaurants located in hotels. Restaurant vouchers can also be used The Click and collect where home births Dishes sold by these establishments.

Are restaurant vouchers mandatory?

The employer is not obligated to provide meal vouchers to its employees. You could take care of catering to the staff in another way.

  • Company canteen
  • Lunch Bonus

However, employers must Provide a dedicated space for serving food of its staff where they can find equipment for storing and reheating their food.

Until when are restaurant coupons valid?

Restaurant vouchers expire At the end of February of the following year. Unused 2021 restaurant vouchers can be redeemed for free Until March 15, 2022.

Can remote workers benefit from meal vouchers?

Are remote workers entitled to get meal vouchers? Opinions differ. The March 31, 2021A ruling was passed in favor of the unions and the social and economic committee of oil group Schlumberger protesting the cancellation of restaurant coupons for employees who work from home. However, in judgment March 10, 2021the Nanterre court ruled in favor of the constituent entities of UES Malakoff Humanis, which no longer allocate meal vouchers to employees who have been placed in remote work since March 17, 2020.

The court argued, certainly, that “remote workers benefit from the same legal and contractual rights and benefits that apply to employees in a similar situation working on company premises,” referring to the content of Article 4 of the national occupational agreement relating to telework of July 19, 2005. But “in the absence of any additional cost associated with their out-of-home catering”, employees who were placed in remote work in their home, Unsa Fessad, opponent of UES Malakoff Humanis in this case, could not properly maintain it without vouchers Restaurants, remote workers will not benefit from the same legal and contractual rights and benefits as on-site employees. UES staff […] So can not claim […] for the allocation of restaurant vouchers,” concluded the Nanterre Court.

However, Al-Orsaf and the Ministry of Labor offer the opposite: on the Questions and Answers page dedicated to remote work, the Ministry states that Remote workers retain the rights granted to all employeesIncluding meal vouchers. For its part, Orsaf emphasized on its page dedicated to restaurant vouchers that “if company employees benefit from restaurant vouchers, the same applies to remote workers at home, Bedouins or in branch offices.”

Tax Credit for Restaurant Vouchers: What Are the Benefits for an Employer?

In addition to having no obligation to have a canteen, the restaurant voucher is offered to the business owner Exemption from social and tax fees for his contribution. However, the employer only benefits from the exemption from social security contributions on his contribution within the limits of the specified ceiling 5.55 € By title in 2021 and 5.69 EUR In 2022. If exceeded, the portion exceeding the maximum is subject to contributions.

The same applies to the employee: the meal voucher does not enter into the calculation of income tax, nor into the calculation of social fees.

How are meal vouchers funded?

Restaurant vouchers are jointly funded by the employee and the employer. The legislation establishes a scope for the employer’s contribution, which must be defined between 50% and 60% address value. Furthermore, the above tax benefits can no longer be accessed. When the company distributes restaurant coupons to employees, its amount must be the same for all employees, whether it is a senior executive or a minimum wage employee.

How to request restaurant vouchers?

Businesses can order their meal vouchers from stock issuers Such as Edenred, Sodexo, Chèque Déjeuner, or Natixis Intertitres.

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