Back to school budget 2022/2023: clothing will be the number one component of spending cuts

Back to school budget 2022/2023: clothing will be the number one component of spending cuts

Cofidis has published its eleventh measure of French purchasing power. Regarding the budget for the new school year, in the face of this unprecedented inflation, the French will reduce their expenditures to what is absolutely necessary. Thus 68% of parents claim that they feel the need to limit their expenditures related to the start of the new school year this year, and almost a quarter (22%) claim that they will have to limit themselves “a lot”.

Average budgets 2022-2023

For its part, the Syndicate of Families (CSF) confirmed that the average household budget for the start of the 2022-2023 school year will decrease by 2.6%, despite higher prices across the place. So families will reduce their purchases. The Cofidis survey reveals that 37% of parents plan to cut their budget to purchase school supplies, while 13% (more than one in 10 parents surveyed) say they will have to revise their school enrollment budget. Closely through books and school manuals (11% of respondents).

Average back-to-school costs 2022-2023 by class

Average budgets for the 2022-2023 school year

Observed expenditure rate based on the purchasing habits of a hundred households.

Layers Medium budget
Kindergarten €176
primary 233 EUR
college (6) 360
high school (high school) 415 EUR
High School (Professional) + 700 EUR

(Source: CSF)

Expense Reduction Items

Clothing (57%), extra-curricular activities (39%), and supplies (37%) are the top three spending items reviewed downward. Clothing, which is clearly not associated with the beginning of the school year, since it is always necessary to dress, will be the first item to cut spending. Expenditure on school supplies will also be moderate. Mass purchases, but above all recycling, make it possible to achieve real savings. In addition, reduction in spending on school supplies is widely encouraged by the government, by creating a list of the types of supplies to be respected. More than one in 10 parents (13%) say they should review the canteen budget, closely followed by the book and textbook budget (11%).

Families will spend less in the end

Whether it’s supplies, recordings in canteens, or even books and textbooks… to escape chasing expenses. A strong figure in this survey, more than two-thirds of French people (68%) plan to limit themselves this year in terms of expenses related to the upcoming school year of

their children. Nearly a quarter (22%) say they will have to limit themselves “a lot”. Clothing is for a large majority of respondents – more than one in two French (57%) – cited as the number one spending item in question.

However, we note that the second component most affected by these limitations is extra-curricular activities (39%). However, it is possible that these activities have an impact on the well-being and development of schoolchildren, as well as lead to social inequality among children.

The results of the eleventh measure of French purchasing power this year are useful. It illustrates the tense economic context and concerns about the international situation. The first results allocated to the start of the school year 2022 budget confirm that inflation affects all school expenses. We see this especially here with lower spending items that range from extracurricular activities to purchasing supplies. The purchasing power of the French is a real cause for concern and the results of the next metric that we will reveal soon highlight this in particular. Matteo Escarbet, Marketing Director of Cofidis France confirms.

Survey methodology: A self-administered online questionnaire from 4 to 11 July 2022 with a representative national sample of 1,007 French aged 18 years and over. Representation is ensured by the quota method according to the criteria of gender, age, profession, region and class of cluster.

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