Choosing Your Mobile Home: Is It The Right Place For You?

Starting off hobbies Autonews Westfalia Kepler Five: a video compact caravan

Unmistakable design

With the integrations, we can say that recreational vehicle manufacturers are starting from a blank sheet of paper. Or rather from the structure they got (without even being equipped with a cabin!) that they “wear” 100%: hence the full term.

Designers can then work more freely and print a vehicle-specific pattern.

The front and back sides in particular, and most of the time polyester, have a strong identity that gives the A-Classes an incomparable look!

For this reason, the integrated Fleurette does not look like Le Voyager or even the Laika, Mobilvetta, Pilote or Rapido.

Integration is the perfect way to “stand out”. Class A holders are somewhat of a separate class!

From 6.50 m to 8.50 m or more!

Image Credit – Adria

Integration is often impressive.

This is the case in Carthage where the elegant C-line models of the Mercedes AL-KO easily exceed 8 meters in length and 2.90 meters in height.

The same note in Le Voyageur where the “small” LV 6.8 in the Fiat Ducato AL-KO (2.3 l / 140 hp) is 6.80 meters long and has a price tag of 115,900 euros. and €159,900 for the LVXH 8.7 (8.75 meters long) on ​​a Mercedes 150 CV. Note that these larger models have a total gross weight of over 3.5 tons. In this case, a simple car license is not enough: unless you obtained it before January 20, 1975. Otherwise, you must hold a C1 license.

Over the years, we’ve seen the arrival of more “modest” integrations, priced more than their size, rarely below 6.50m. This is the case in Chausson, Challenger or Itinéo where the CM 660 (6.61M) is available from €68,500 and €74,300 for the 7.43m MC740 Spirit.

large living space

Etino MC740 Spirit Edition

Illustrative imageImage Credit – Autonews

Integral is elegant. And above all, it is very comfortable!

In fact, there is no separation between the living area and the cabin as in the lower profile sections, vans or vans: this difference in size means that the integrations give the impression of light and immediately inviting space.

Because they are often tall, all the living spaces (living room, kitchen, bathroom, family) are more generous than anywhere else.

The “typical” class A owner is most often older than the truck user, for example: with corresponding income!

He is very concerned about his comfort: that is why the majority of integrals are “common” in the large central bed as well as the double beds in the back.

First-class facilities and services

Etino MC740 Spirit Edition

Illustrative imageImage Credit – Adria

Supplements are equipped with the most powerful heaters (Truma Combi 6 or Alde), offer refrigerators with a larger capacity (from 140 to 180 liters), even an oven for some.

They also feature large rear compartments and multiple touch-sensitive LEDs inside: true cozy nests in a nutshell.

They are often well insulated: especially those with a double floor that can be heated. All this is paid, and not just hard cash.

The integral consumes a little more than the profile: normal, it is higher, longer, often heavier.

Integrals are also more difficult to maneuver and park. It’s not uncommon to come across integrated trailers or couplings that support a scooter, motorbike, or minivan being used once you reach your destination.

Finally, selling used integrals is more complicated.

to summarize

Our mobile home specialist offers you a complete profile on the integration: design, dimensions, habitability, equipment without forgetting, of course, the sacred question regarding the access price of this supercar.

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