Doubts about the law of old age

Doubts about the law of old age

Jean-Christophe Combe, Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and Persons with Disabilities, speaks during a government question session at the National Assembly, in Paris, on July 26, 2022.

. outlaw Facing the challenges of aging Promised by Emmanuel Macron in June 2018. The promise is evident by its absence in the roadmap that Jean-Christophe Combe will present on August 31 at the Back to School Public Symposium. At the end of July, the Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and the Disabled made no secret of this: “It does not necessarily seem to me that the bill is the most appropriate way to take action. We will have to wait several months for it to be discussed before starting to implement it.”

Mr. Coombe knows he sets himself up to answer the same question every week in Parliament: When will the Old Age Law be passed? Parliamentarians and sector players do not intend to succumb to the fact that a major reform to improve the lives of the elderly remains a political mirage. “We will not surrender! “Reassure deputies from the left and the right as well as from the majority.

So the new minister will have to redouble his efforts to convince that he has the power to start projects, without a big law. “I am a man of results. I am not a saying, I am an actor”The former Director General of the Red Cross says, who presents himself as a minister ” Employment “. “Instead of a great law, I think the urgent matter today is actionAnd the Captured in July for Globalism. We are at the bottom of the wall of demographic transition. There are very high expectations from players in this sector – especially after the Orpea scandal and given the staff shortage. Consensus emerged after multiple submissions in recent years. »

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However, Mr. Comp ‘You have to be creative’sarcastically, in July, monthly retirement homes. Vague and ambiguous goals set by the candidate [Macron] It will not be enough to direct the new minister.”Luke Bruce wrote, The Editor of this magazine.

The Grand National Congress

With no action left in his portfolio by the executive, Mr. Combe, upon arrival at the department, found his administration’s notes on the directions to be taken. Among those who caught his attention was the idea of ​​a new method of political orientation. Sleeps in the drawers of the Ministry in particular, a project to establish a “Great National Conference” Dedicated to fighting the loss of autonomy. The mission of this conference is to bring together all ministers and actors in the sector. It will be a tool in the service of the ministerial dimension of policies to support aging. Under the impetus of this conference, which will meet regularly, the executive branch will inject into various legislative texts (housing, transportation, territorial planning, etc.) specific provisions for the elderly.

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