Facing staff shortages, Vatry Airport has become a training center

Facing staff shortages, Vatry Airport has become a training center

The aviation sector crisis never ends, there is a shortage of weapons. To remedy this, Paris Vatry (Marne) Airport has found the solution: training its future employees. This shortage started in 2021, when activity resumed after Covid. “We’re having staffing issues, people don’t want to work on-call, work weekends and night shifts,” expresses Sophie Millard, Human Resources Manager and Assistant Manager.

To counter this staff shortage, the airport decided to innovate. “We have set up a professional contract training system with the help of a recognized training organization in the field,” she said enthusiastically. Before I add: “I am not aware that this is done elsewhere. »

This training combines theoretical and practical weeks. The first session was held from December 2021 to May. The balance sheet is positive. “Out of the 10 candidates, 1 did not want to continue, 3 on permanent contracts, 3 on fixed-term contracts, and 3 temporary workers,” Sophie Mayar comments.

The only requirement to apply: a clean criminal record

Few conditions are required for application. The airport is looking for motivated people who will accept the schedules that this profession demands. “Our only duty we respect is to have a clean criminal record to get the precious red badge (airport identity card that gives access to security areas), and an investigation is being conducted by the gendarmerie and the sub-prefecture.” Resource manager. Serious people, ready to take on the job, will instantly learn and integrate the teams.

There are still a few places available for September. Volunteers can apply to rh@parisvatry.com. More training is already planned. “If there is no more room for this session, the candidates will be able to join the next training in 2023,” says the director.

20% of the workforce is missing

The need for labor is too much, with an average of 20% of employees lost. All professions involved. “Receptionists, construction workers, electricians, airport firefighters, air operations and security agents to name a few,” Sophie Millard narrates. In addition to the staff shortage, Paris-Vatry Airport should also expect several retirements.

New recruitment avenues that have a cost for Vatry Airport. “We pay the salary portion. We are fortunate to have a training organization that supports training almost 100%,” explains the human resources department. The necessary investments to ensure the continuity of the airport.

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