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Amsterdam, Lisbon and Paris: here is the platform of cities where housing is the most expensive for students and expats. This is the result of a study conducted by rental platforms Studapart and HousingAnywhere, according to which rents are on an upward slope.

Online accommodation booking platforms Studapart and HousingAnywhere have analyzed over 57,000 rental offers. Objective: To establish a rating of average observed rents for T2 in short and medium term rentals, in 23 major cities in Europe (excluding Great Britain). Interesting data before making a file real estate loan simulator.

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High inflation in medium-sized cities

Final verdict: Some cities have seen rent increases of up to 52% year on year. On average, two-bedroom rents increased 19.3% in one year in the cities surveyed. Moreover, those who have experienced the strongest inflation are not the largest of the major cities. Valencia has palms with an increase of 51%, while in Munich the percentage rises to 41% and 33% in Hamburg.

These results are explained by Remote work developmentThat accelerated with the health crisis. “Managers now often have the option of choosing where they live to work and large European cities have lost their appeal in favor of cities on a human scale, where the quality of life is better,” says Morgan Barlett, Director of Sales at HousingAnywhere. The guide is: Reykjavik, Utrecht in particular will be the cities most sought after by expatssince the Covid-19 crisis, Capital reports.

Amsterdam, Lisbon and Paris: A shocking trio

In Paris, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is 1,908 euros per month. number of places The French capital is in third place in the ranking, but not surprising. The city also recorded an increase in measured rents compared to other cities studied, at 6.3%.

Stable results parallel those observed with the newcomer on the podium: Lisbon. In the Portuguese capital, a two-room apartment costs an average of 1,940 euros per month, an increase of 38% in one year. “More and more workers are deciding to settle in the Portuguese capital for a few months to take advantage of the sun and the cost of living, which is lower than the major European cities,” according to Morgan Barlett.

Finally, Amsterdam ranks first, with an average rent of 1,950 euros for a furnished one-bedroom apartment, an increase of 25.8% in one year. “Dutch companies are forced to hire international CEOs to develop their businesses, which increases demand and therefore medium-term rental income,” Morgan Barlett analyzes.

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