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The billionaire, who already owns OGC Nice and who tried to buy Chelsea, has a stake in one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe wants to buy Manchester United, Goal Confirming this, his employer INEOS made it clear that he was willing to buy the club from the unpopular Glazer family, if they could be persuaded to sell the club. There is a growing belief that disaffected US owners are willing to loosen their grip on Manchester United in the face of mounting pressure from fans.

How much does it cost to buy Manchester United?

Reports from the US claimed it was considering selling a stake in the club, which Ratcliffe was said to be willing to buy. However, one of Britain’s richest men would prefer to take full control of the club and have the funds to end the Glazers’ dominance.

Sources familiar with the big sporting acquisitions claim that it will take around 7.2 billion euros to buy the club. Chelsea were sold for a record fee in May when Todd Boehle and Clearlake Capital bought Roman Abramovich for €3.2 billion, with an additional deal investing €2.1 billion over 10 years.

The deal came as the Blues came under heavy pressure for a quick deal after the UK government sanctioned Abramovich for his links to Vladimir Putin. Since Manchester United has a much larger stadium and is one of the most profitable clubs in world sport, the Glazers could charge a much higher price.

Why is the Glazer family unpopular?

Protests are scheduled at Old Trafford on Monday over Manchester United’s match against Liverpool, in another fan action against the current owners. In May 2021, for example, a match between the contenders was postponed when protesters stormed the pitch and tried to enter the dressing rooms, creating an unsafe environment.

The Glazers have owned shares in Manchester United since 2003 and took control of the club in June 2005. They went into debt to acquire the Red Devils and have since been in an uncertain financial position. Their decision to join the failed European League was particularly unpopular among fans. And Manchester United’s terrible start to the season, finding themselves at the bottom of the standings for the first time since 1992, heightened tensions.

Who is Sir Jim Ratcliffe?

Ratcliffe is the owner of the chemical giant, INEOS, which is valued at around 15.7 billion euros. He is a constant fan of Manchester United, and last week Michael Knighton – who was himself trying to make a hostile takeover of Glazers – cited Bratcliffe as a potential savior for the club. Ratcliffe owns French club Nice and launched a late bid for Chelsea earlier this year – but failed after the deadline for a formal bid was missed.

Sources close to Ratcliffe have previously claimed that he has little interest in acquiring a Premier League club. But his move to Chelsea – and more importantly his timing – was seen by some as a signal of intent for Premier League clubs in England, suggesting he is poised and poised to take possession. His personal support at Manchester United made him a natural buyer should the opportunity present itself.

Is Glazer ready for sale? This remains the main question. In recent years, there have been growing rumors that the family is ready to bid above a certain number, with the acquisition backed by Saudi Arabia for a long time. Manchester United’s official line has always been that it’s not for sale.

But Glazers are facing rising costs at a time when their fortunes in the field are at their lowest in decades. New coach Erik Ten Hag is desperate to sign players before the transfer window closes.

Eric Ten Hag Manchester United Brentford 2022-23Getty Images

It will likely take more than 180 million euros invested in transfers to have any chance of reaching the top four this season, and much more if they are to bridge the gap between Manchester City and Liverpool. The Glazers have also announced their intent to carry out much-needed redevelopment at Old Trafford, which would represent another significant financial commitment for a debt-laden group. It remains to be seen how the necessary business can be funded without guaranteeing the Champions League play or without the family continuing to generate profits estimated at several million pounds a year.

Who else can bid for United?

Mr Knighton has already announced his intention to form a consortium – but major investors around the world will be watching developments closely. Chelsea is seen as a rare opportunity to buy one of the biggest clubs in the world’s most popular league. Manchester United is one of the most valuable assets due to the strength of its international brand.

La famille Ricketts, proprietaire des Chicago Cubs, a déjà été associée à ce projet, tandis que Woody Johnson, proprietaire des New York Jets, et Steve Pagliuca, proprietaire des Boston Celtics, ont tenté de racheter Chelsea et pourles Red Devil appro same way.

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