Brittany.  Expensive return for students to school

Brittany. Expensive return for students to school

€221.88 is on average what a student from Western Brittany has to pay to start the academic year. This is about 3% more than in 2021. Calculated by Fédé B, a student union, based on college fees and daily life. Inflation hits students hard, some of whom are already at great risk.

Insecurity. Charlotte says she has been used to it since she started her studies in Brest, 5 years ago now. “I think about the way I eat more than about my exams” She trusts. For €200 per month, she spends her first two years of university studies on a sandwich diet, noon and night. “Fortunately, there were 1 euro meals in the university restaurant, which helped me a lot”.

Doing strange studies and impossible jobs for this girl with health problems. Charlotte describes her situation in a calm, calm voice. She is not from a disadvantaged background, but the income of her parents, who are now disabled, is not high enough to support her. They are very important in terms of the stock market system, putting them at the bottom of the help ladder.

A system referred to by Fédé B, the union of student associations in western Brittany. “We would like the scholarship amount to be calculated on the students’ own income and not on the parents’ income, Its boss, Estelle Bloch, explains. This will allow everyone to have the resources and not get caught up in this unstable situation that we have been warning about for so many years.”.

Charlotte envisions going back to school as “new challenge”. Because it’s clearly not free. So that its cost has increased. Inflation was there, which increased the fragility of the students. “It has an inevitable effect on rents, transportation, food, etc. Estelle Bloch notes. However, aid such as scholarships or the APL do not track this inflation exceeding 6%. What continues to widen the gap in living with dignity”.

A 20-year-old student, who has his own accommodation, will have to pay an average of 2,221.88 euros to return to Brest, Quimper, Morlex, Lannion, Van Lorient and Saint-Brieuc next September. This is the result of a study by Fede B that looks at the specific costs of beginning the school year and the costs of daily living in the seven cities that make up West Brittany.

The index published by the association on August 17 is final and shows an increase of 2.92% compared to 2021. “Significant expenditures which the students have to finance by using their savings, by making loans or by giving up some item of expenditure, in order to save” Says Fedé President B.

Back to school will be the most expensive in Van: 2,305.95 euros, an increase of 4.15%. “Mainly due to the 14.53% increase in rental and rental prices”.

With an increase of 10.42%, food will also significantly affect student budgets. Just like buying educational materials (+15.82%).

In the face of these increases, students have no choice but to choose. “Entertainment, culture is marginalized, Estelle Bloch notes. Under these conditions, integrating and having a social life, which has already been abused by the two-year health crisis, is complicated..

The association also notes that one student in two is employed. “This is not a solution because it is often academic success that takes second place”. Deborah, a third-year chemistry student in Brest, combines study and work. “Otherwise I will only have the scholarships on which I live and that is not enough to cover the expenses, It’s related. It is not always easy to be organized. We often work on weekends which are supposed to be off. There are times when I would rather not work, especially during my finals.”.

Generally, the Fed requires that “Public policies are up to the challenge. Forcing students to borrow once they enter higher education does not bode well for their access to the labor market.” It emphasizes an association that, since its inception 30 years ago, not only points out problems, but also suggests solutions.

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