Embracer acquires intellectual property rights related to Tolkien, raises new LOTR films

Embracer acquires intellectual property rights related to Tolkien, raises new LOTR films

A classic portrait of acclaimed author JRR Tolkien has been edited to reflect the new agent of his most famous intellectual property since the Megaton acquisition was announced this week.
Zoom / A classic portrait of acclaimed author JRR Tolkien has been edited to reflect the new agent of his most famous intellectual property since the Megaton acquisition was announced this week.

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Swedish game publisher Embracer Group has made headlines in recent years with massive video game studio acquisitions, and on Thursday morning the company announced it was expanding further. His recent acquisition spree involves a surprising company outside his usual purview: Middle-earth Enterprises.


This company is famous for being the exclusive manager for everyone the Lord of the Rings And the the hobbit The novels, as well as all intellectual property rights derived directly from these fictional masterpieces by JRR Tolkien. Financial terms of the deal with former Saul Zaentz director were not disclosed, but Embracer is already keen on showing new films featuring characters from the aforementioned novels.

Production plans for the new films have not yet been made; Conversely, Embracer says in a press release that it wants to “explore other films based on notable characters such as Gandalf, Aragorn, Gollum, Galadriel, Eowyn, and other characters from JRR Tolkien’s literary works.” The deal has a logical relationship to Embracer’s current business in the form of lotter– jeux de société à thème déjà produits par sa filiale, Asmodee, alors qu’il est difficile d’imaginer Embracer ne pas immédiatement attribuer l’un de ses nombreux studios de jeux vidéo en à propriété une dè exclusive ‘Other.’ However, Embracer has not yet suggested any plans to produce a Tolkien-themed video game. Instead, his announcement Thursday hinted at “new opportunities for fans to explore this fantasy world through promotion and other experiences.”

It is important to note that this agreement does not no Financially impacting Amazon’s next high-budget contract energy rings TV show. The show for this series was led directly by Tolkien’s ownership and was shown on various platforms before Amazon came out with a winning show, and the deal bypassed Middle-earth rights brilliantly. Standing SZC Agreement. Embracer suggests he has “financial interests” in the Amazon chain, but it’s unclear if Embracer will see a drop in profits from that production, or if it will only benefit from more publicity and interest at all. Regarding Tolkien.

That’s a lot of cuddling

Embracer has identified six other companies as acquisition targets, along with four traditional game development houses: Tripwire Interactive, the US studio responsible for kill the word And the Manateer series; Tuxedo Labs, a Swedish studio famous for its exclusive destruction simulation game for PC disassembly; Tatsujin, a Japanese developer made up of arcade-era developers planning to work on a series of Toaplan’s prestigious game library (especially the classic “shmup” troxton And the lovable meme machine zero wing); and Bitwave Games, another Swedish studio that plans to collaborate with Tatsujin and create ports of NES-era classics such as Sunsoft’s 8-bit lost gem. something. This latest announcement appears to spoil at least one article from a Sunsoft-related event scheduled for later Thursday.

Outside of the official game studios, Embracer’s three other named acquisitions appear designed to diversify the company’s gaming business portfolio. The most famous of them, Limited Run Games, has risen to prominence among game fans over the past five years thanks to its focus on physical game releases. Limited Run usually opens pre-orders for previously launched game cartridges and discs as exclusive digital downloads; Once the pre-order period is over, the publisher usually turns off orders for the game in question, especially since the games in question are often cult classics or special favorites (although sometimes major game studios release, especially some versions of games in the curse series). Embracer i has not suggested, in its acquisition announcement, that it plans to change the Limited Run business model.

Embracer also acquires Singtrix, a manufacturer of karaoke systems started by patent holders previously involved in Guitar champ series. The announcement of this acquisition doesn’t say what consumers might expect from Embracer-operated Singtrix, other than suggesting that the company is working on a “next pop culture music experience,” which may or may not include some kind of video game in the future project. There’s a chance that a third non-studio acquisition of Embracer, European peripheral maker Gioteck, could help Embracer build a kind of physical peripheral music to go with whatever Singtrix wants, but that’s just speculation at this point.

In addition to all these announcements, Embracer buried news else The acquisition of a game studio is unwilling to announce it for “commercial reasons”. Instead, Embracer suggested that the unnamed studio is “the third or fourth largest game studio” considering acquiring it today, indicating that it’s not necessarily a huge studio. (If this is the third or fourth largest acquisition in the entire history of the company, on the other hand, it will be worth at least $525 million, which it paid for all Saber Interactive products at the beginning of 2020.)

Thursday’s news comes on the heels of May’s shocking announcement that Embracer has acquired all of Square-Enix’s western operations, and those studios’ lucrative intellectual property (including the Tomb Raider series and Legacy of Kain and Deus), for just $300 million. That announcement included confirmation that the studios are pressing ahead with games from the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex series, though neither Embracer nor the newly owned studios have revealed anything. It’s been about these games since the news broke in May. This came after the acquisition of famous game studios such as Gearbox Entertainment (Borderlands), 4A games (capital displacement) and Deep Silver Volition (Holy rowAnd the red faction).

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