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How do I change my car insurance?

Are you unhappy with your car insurance policy? Want to know what steps to take to cancel your contract and change your car insurance? We will explain everything to you!

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Obtaining car insurance is mandatory for the car owner. However, budgeting for car insurance is important to the family. Then, you had to compare several offers from car insurance companies in order to save money on your budget, But it remains to know the conditions required to be able to change the car insurance at any time and the right of the insurance company to terminate.

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Documents required to purchase auto insurance. The insurance company has to require the insured to provide it with a vehicle registration certificate, which is also called a gray card. It is a part that keeps your vehicle moving. In addition, the insurer requires the model, financial horsepower, vehicle version, date the vehicle was in service, driver’s license, and a copy of the information statement or status statement for the insurance company’s note from your bounty location. If you decide to change car insurance, this statement must be requested from the old car insurance company. It should be noted that novice drivers do not have to follow this step.

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There are several reasons for policyholders to change their car insurance. The following points explain the reasons for terminating the car insurance contract:

  • Financial order: Compare insurance offers online to see offers of car insurance contracts at attractive prices;
  • Coverage difference : after a change in needs or the choice of insurance with good guarantees;
  • A disappointing, ineffective and unresponsive insurance company;
  • slow file processing;
  • Too low compensation.

When is the car insurance changed?

Wondering how you can change your car insurance and your car insurance online? The answer to this question is that changing car insurance requires Conditions before termination of the contractAlthough the insured can do so at any time.

Hamon’s law and the termination of the contract

Since the Hammon Act, termination of a car insurance contract has been made easy and without reason as well as other benefits such as the fact that implied renewal is no longer automatic.

This act gives the insured the right to change the car insurance as soon as he feels dissatisfied with the previous insurance, but you must be a subscriber for one year. In fact, you must send a letter to your future insurer and complete the form or authorization authorizing your new insurer to proceed with the cancellation steps.

“The role of the insurance company is to carry out the administrative procedures and not the insured.”

The insurance contract with the previous company expires within a month and the new contract begins.

Exceptional cases of termination of the car insurance contract

If the subscription is for one year, it is possible to terminate the car insurance in advance. Ces exceptions dépendent de la situation du véhicule, au cas où celui-ci a été vendu, volé ou détruit, ou dans le cas d’un déménagement, de la retraite, l’interruption totale du travail ou profession de changement Marital status.

Termination of the contract without proof

After the insurance company fails to inform the insured of the implicit renewal of the car insurance contract, The insured has the right to terminate the contract if the expiry notice received is less than 15 days. Thus, the insurance contract can be terminated from the date of renewal.

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The right of the insurance company to terminate the contract

The insured may not terminate the car insurance contract, but the insurance company may terminate it in the following cases.

At the end of the insurance contract, the insurance company has the right to terminate the contract without having to justify it. Provided that the insured is warned two months before the expiry of the contract and by mail. In fact, the insurance company decides to terminate if you do not pay the premium within ten calendar days, followed by a reminder.

In addition, the insurer terminates the insurance contract if the insured acted in bad faith, This allows changing the subject of risk. The termination will be notified by the insurance company by mail and termination will take place after ten calendar days.

Change in personal status

The insurance company, after a change in the personal life situation of the insured, believes that this will affect the risks. This means that there may be an increased risk if someone else is driving the vehicle. The insurance company has the right to terminate the service due to the new risks as it can request excess contributions. If the insured refuses, the insurer is obligated to terminate the insurance contract.

Termination of the contract after the claim

The insurer may terminate the insurance contract if he does not comply with the rules stipulated in the contract signed by him. This is the case for an accident after drunkenness or drug use while driving, or if a driver’s license is suspended or license revoked. So the contract is terminated by mail.

In short, drivers have to insure their car even though the contract can be terminated.

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