Mercato FC Nantes: a tire waiting for the green light?

Mercato FC Nantes: a tire waiting for the green light?

On the shelves of LOSC since the start of the summer transfer window, Ludovic Blas is currently still with FC Nantes. However, the latter would wait for potential arrivals from Nantes before departing to commit to Lille. A file that is still mysterious raises many questions on both sides, leaving doubts about the future of the canary.

fee : "Mercato FC Nantes: a tire waiting for the green light?"

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Come ? I won’t come? These are the questions that haunt supporters of Nantes and Lille in the Ludovic Place case. He was called up by the northern club for several weeks, and the number 10 of FC Nantes is still on the banks of the Erdre. Plus, while we thought he was absent during last weekend’s encounter against the Mastiff, the latter wanted to be present and play the part, proving his professionalism. At the moment, the file appears to be blocked. An offer of 17.5 million euros, which reached Valdemar Keita’s office, was rejected and the Bay de la Loire club kept his player. However, according to information from the team, the playmaker expressed his personal feelings by announcing that he had reached the end of his cycle after 3 years in the colors of the eight-time champion of France, and wished to discover new horizons. According to the same source, The latter will wait for new recruits in light of his possible departure before getting the green light from his administration.

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As FC Nantes travels to the Velodrome to challenge Olympique Marseille, on Saturday evening, the Nantes coach appeared in the traditional pre-match press conference and discussed the issue of his star striker. For him, a start in the offensive sector is not an option at all, especially 3 weeks before the first European match. : “On a sporting level, it is impossible to see Ludo leave. The exit voucher is not eternal. If we had 8 strikers, I would say why not Ludo or Simon. But there, we have 4 players. It is unbelievable for me to see the players leave.. He continues, shortly after, the agreement among his workforce players, acknowledging that he understands the subject and reports: “I warned my players that we have to help him. The most important thing is that he trains with us every day and is ready for the match. He is happy. » The Kanak technician remains clear about the situation, stating that the final word will go to President Valdemar Keita. Two weeks before the end of the transfer window, Nantes and Lille supporters remained focused on this dossier that will continue to get people talking, at least until September 1. In the meantime, the former Guingampais should be present on the set against OM on the third day.

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