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If you are a property owner and are planning to acquire a mobile home or buy the mobile home of your dreams, then Mortgage It might be a solution to consider.

Completely unknown in France, the Mortgage It may be ready for development. It is a customized financing solution for all property owners who need cash. It may also interest Buying SCPI Shares Instead of Donating a Child or Buying a Second Home.

Principle ? In exchange for a mortgage, the bank agrees to lend the money. This solution is especially interesting for seniors who find it difficult to get credit.

In theory, the Mortgage It works like classic credit, there is no set scale. It is the banking institution that determines the amount, the repayment period (from 60 to 300 months), as well as the amortization schedule according to its own criteria. Like other loans, mortgage credit is subject to rates that vary depending on the duration and profile of the borrower.

I am lowering my monthly payments

Solution for all kinds of projects

The Mortgage So it is a solution that can be considered, for example, for Buying a second home in Francein order to invest in renting or buying a holiday home abroad.

This type of loan is increasingly used to Financing a process that is not necessarily related to the purchase of real estate. In fact, there is an increasing use of a personal mortgage loan to settle, for example, inheritance costs or to carry out major renovation or development work in housing.

Expensive loan and not widely offered

While this type of loan is an ideal alternative for many projects, it can also be very costly to set up. In fact, it involves costs that can be quite high: incorporation costs, notary costs, expert costs, escrow costs, administrative costs … Also, in the case of buying a new property, the notary fee must be added.

It should also be noted that very few banks today offer this type of credit. As a rule, they are offered instead in institutions specializing in Consolidation of credits For more complex projects such as purchasing artwork.

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