Motorhome, caravan, van: can they be left on unbuilt land?

Motorhome, caravan, van: can they be left on unbuilt land?

If you have a motorhome, motorhome, or camper van and want to use it on unbuilt land, here’s what you need to know.

In the eyes of the law, a mobile home, caravan or caravan is considered mobile seasonal housing.

If it’s possible A park erected on land classified as non-created areaCertain rules and conditions apply. In particular, you must specify how long you wish to use your recreational vehicle on land that is not intended for construction.

Caravan on non-constructive land: for less than 3 months

As a general rule, a converted motorhome, motorhome or van is allowed to park on land classified as non-construction zone if you do so within a period Less than 3 months a year. In the majority of municipalities, there is no There are no special steps to take.

However, two conditions must be met: your recreational vehicle must be strictly for personal use, and not be used as your main residence, or as an annex to it. It must be a motorhome, caravan or convertible truck Always keep their own transportation (wheels, drawbar, …) to be able to leave its position at any time.

Caravan on non-constructive land: for more than 3 months

However, if you want to park your RV on unbuildable land for More than 3 months a yearThere are certain steps that must be followed. In fact, this practice is subject to Pre-advertisement at the Town Hall.

To submit your pre-authorization, you must complete Cerfa Form 13404*08, attach additional required documents (site plans, drawings, notices), and submit your file to the town hall of the municipality where your land is located, in 2 examples. You can also send it by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

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Caravan on unbuildable land: inquire

Please note, however, that local town planning rules (local town planning plan or municipality map) may dictate specific restrictions If the installation continues for less than 3 months.

In any case, to avoid any administrative hassles, and to have your RV installed legally, we advise you to contact the town planning department of the town hall in the city where your land is located.

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