Prince Charles: This is the amazing title that has been given to him

Prince Charles: This is the amazing title that has been given to him

In his youth, Prince Charles performed his military service in the Royal Navy. Always so brave and resolute, the British press quickly renamed the future King of England as the documentary revealed. The Royal Family: The Last Secrets of the British Crownairs Thursday, August 18th on C8.

Excitement seekers. As is royal tradition, Prince Charles has performed his military duty as a naval officer From 1971 to 1976. The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II is set, always ready to take on new challenges very quickly awesome title from newspapers. The British press tried to make Prince Charles more like James Bond. We called him BusinessmanA journalist revealed in the documentary The Royal Family: The Last Secrets of the British Crown, airs Thursday, August 18th on C8. Showing tireless courage and indifference, the father of Princes William and Harry often followed him Legions of photographers to immortalize his exploits. “That’s the secret of Prince’s success. He drives, he drives, he plays polo. And all of that, the Prince does a good job.”as a file image revealed.

In front of reporters, Prince Charles did not hesitate to make a file ‘Nice presentation with Oerlikon 20mm cannon.’ And even though he’s a prince, he’s been to Camilla Parker Bowles’ husband There is no preferential treatment during his military service. “He did everything the other recruits had to do. And it was very dangerous.”Benny Junor, author of Charles: Victim or Villain?. Before proceeding: “He didn’t want to be pampered. He always pushed his limits.” If no effort was spared during this training, Prince Charles did so for a very specific reason. “Because being famous for not doing anything very important is very difficult for him”. In fact. heir to the throne. Charles had a real need “to prove himself” And the ‘to do something real’. “If later I have to associate with the three services, it is a good idea to continue training for each of them. I think it teaches some very useful lessons in responsibility and discipline., he told reporters. When the day comes, Prince Charles will have all the keys to his mother’s succession.

© ALPHA AGENCY / BESTIMAGEPrince Chris in the cockpit of a plane January 11, 1984.

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Prince Charles: His father, Prince Philip, is an example

His father is a hero. If he did his military training in the Navy, it’s no coincidence, as the documentary reveals. Charles grew up constantly seeking his father’s approval.. But he never succeeded. He joined the navy as his father did., says writer Penny Junor. And to add: “And I imagine he did it to please her.”

In fact. Prince Charles has always wanted to follow in his late father’s footsteps. And that’s from an early age, as revealed by Sarah Gristwood, author of queens game. Very young Prince Charles was sent to and from boarding school A private boarding school, in Gordonston, which his father had attended. “ Desiring to follow the same path as his father, Prince Charles wanted to win the latter’s affection. And for good reason. Relations between the two men soured. “Philip was perplexed by his son, who was very sensitive.”I captured Penny Junor. Despite this conflicted relationship, Prince Charles cherishes the memory of his father, “a very special person”.

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