Thanks to Cyprus, a ready revolution to detonate the cryptocurrency in Europe

Thanks to Cyprus, a ready revolution to detonate the cryptocurrency in Europe

expansion Revolution will be able to provide Cryptos services to millions of customers in Europe, thanks to the new organizational success in Cyprus.

The revolution extends in the European economic zone

Winter Crypto will not leave the same types of memories between companies in this sector. Some will retain the consequences, and others will remember this year like their development in various fields.

Revolution appears to appear in the list of companies that achieve basic victories for their growth, despite the current global context. The banking platform has already obtained the green light from the Cyprus Securities and Stock Exchanges Committee, to propose Cryptos services to the entire European Economic Zone.

The company has already won other organizational victories in the European Union. Revoleut recently obtained an organizational approval of the encrypted currencies from the Spanish Central Bank.

Regulatory shelter for Cryptos companies

In terms of numbers, you can provide Revolution now, or rather continuing to provide its Cryptos services 17 million customers in the region. In light of this good news, the company will thus be right in choosing Cyprus, instead of other European Union countries, which it had previously studied.

Cyprus also includes many famous encryption companies, such as or Bitpanda.

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Organization for encryption for the European Union

Consequently, Revolution can show the white leg for all its current and potential customers in the European Economic Zone, while the European Union should see the implementation of the MICA framework, the new law of active markets of encrypted currencies, at the end of next year.

A spokesman for the company evokes an “clear intention from the European Parliament to support innovation”, in addition to demanding “strict measures to protect customers.”

Europe is a profitable market to overcome companies like Revolution that provide Cryptos services, and to other giants in this sector such as Coinbase, which occurs in the same language as the Italian organizer.

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