Geneva Motor Show: Finally Canceled!

Geneva Motor Show: Finally Canceled!

bad news ! The Geneva Motor Show has been canceled again. It will be replaced by a new edition that will be held in Qatar.

You’ll have to be prepared to travel far to enjoy the new models at the Geneva Motor Show. And for good reason, the highly anticipated auto event that enthusiasts appreciate is changing, and we can’t really say it’s good news. If previously it has been held every year for several decades, the Swiss meeting has faced a lot of difficulties in recent years. In 2020, this had to be canceled in a hurry, due toCovid-19 outbreak who started to rise. A last-minute decision that surprised the exhibitors, since most of them have already finished installing platforms that sometimes cost several million euros. In 2021, the Geneva Motor Show also did not take place, for health reasons too. So visitors and builders have been betting a lot on this new 2022 edition… which won’t happen either.

health reason

To explain this cancellation, the regulation GIMS Confirms that catching it in the middle of winter leads to the face of pollution peaks and thus the inability to happen. So just cancel everything right away! On top of that, we know that brands are still a bit pissed off after the 2020 failure, as they haven’t been compensated. And when you know the organization of such a display for a manufacturer, as well as the allocated budget, there is reason to feel a little cold. There is no doubt that the organization has little trouble attracting brands, which this experience has set on fire. A similar situation in Paris, while the World Cup will be very empty this year. The entire Volkswagen range will be absent, as will Citroen, Volvo, Toyota and Ford.

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Living room moved

If you still want to go to the Geneva Motor Show, it will be possible. Provided you travel to Qatar. It is already there, namely in Doha, that the event will be moved, which this time will take place in November. This situation may seem strange, but the organization is planning a massive program and promises visitors to live “many unique and amazing driving experiences.” Too bad, it’s a bit far…

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