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A string of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic has boosted the attractiveness of French seaside resorts in terms of real estate. In these regions, where they are already found at very high levels, commodity prices have risen accordingly. Within two years, an outbreak was observed about a quarter there.

The National Real Estate Association (Fnaim) has released a report on seafront home prices, and it knows that between April 2020 and last May, property prices rose by 26% in 480 coastal areas. In these sectors, a square meter is now trading at 4,467 euros. This is almost 50% more expensive than the price of the whole of France (3,020 euros).

Purchases at a seaside resort had already existed in previous years, and had intensified after repeated bookings. Thanks to this movement, Antibes and Cannes managed a total of 2,561 and 3,204 transactions respectively in 2021.

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Normandy and Brittany recorded a noticeable increase

Consequently, these two cities constituted the most active French coastal real estate market over the past year in terms of sales volume. Followed by Hérault in Agde, then Sables-d’Olonne (Vendée), which recorded 1,847 sales. The average price per square meter of real estate there amounted to 4761 euros. It practically rises to the level of Fréjus or Saint-Raphal. On the other hand, this price reflects a difference of nearly 1,000 euros compared to the two communes on the Riviera.

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Over the past two years, property prices in coastal resorts have increased by:

  • 12.8% in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (Baca);
  • 27.6% in Pays de la Loire;
  • 31.5% in Brittany;
  • 30.6% in Normandy.

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Normandy is the cheapest coastal region in France

In the western part of France, there are still interesting opportunities. The most affordable regions of France are in Brittany and Normandy. Prices per square meter of housing there are 3,467 euros and 3,440 euros, respectively. Thanks to Sables-d’Olonne and La Baule, the Pays de la Loire has higher prices than:

  • Occitanie.
  • Haut-de-France;
  • Corsica.

On the other hand, they remained lower than Baca and Neoquitin. However, the price change rate It must be watched. From Seine-Maritime to Morbihan, the dynamism is close to that observed in New Aquitaine.

The amount of 4,467 euros mentioned above is an average price that simultaneously combines the price of apartments and houses. The latter has a value of 4,549 euros per square meter and 4,388 euros per square metre.

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