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Damage from bad weather: Corsica’s insurance companies take over

Such a storm With such great damage, Marcel Bianelli, director of the Axa Bianelli agency in Bastia, has not seen a single storm in thirty years of insurance. Entire roofs torn, electric gates smashed, separate electric wires … After the winds that blew on Thursday, August 18 on Corsica’s western facade, the insurance company’s phone doesn’t stop ringing. For those with network or electricity, the calls started late yesterday morning, and today they are still going. Members Balagne, Cap Corse, Nebbiu and Moriani make their announcement… Only Bastia hasn’t been too impressed”Marcel Bianli was fired. Usually, these storms do not affect Corsica in August. “There may be a few thunderstorms after August 15, but there, with peaks over 220 km/h in Marignana, the hurricane resembles a hurricane,” the insurance company continues. To take into account the peculiarity of this storm, Axa France has launched a crunch module to simplify file processing.

In case of damage, what do you do?

In the wake of this devastating natural phenomenon, this is the question many victims are asking. “The first thing to do is to take pictures that will be used in the file and take action, for example in case of changing the shutter or a bay window. Next, it is important to secure the property for safekeeping. For example, if the roof is damaged, you should contact a specialist to cover it, For a large window, it’s the same thing. We must condemn access quickly to avoid thefts”, Explains Marie Los Ambrosini, a recently retired insurer who has spent 35 years at Matmot in Bastia. Once it’s secured, it’s time to report the claim to the insurance company. Here, there are several possibilities: registration online, by phone or directly at the branch.. “We had several people who came into the office, they were worried and our role is also to build relationships,” says Marcel Bianli. Next, the insurance company indicates the steps to follow and can engage an expert to monitor the damage.

What does insurance cover?

The Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanen, who is visiting Corsica, on Friday 19 August, indicated that from Wednesday 24 August, a “state of natural disaster” will be issued for this storm. This ministerial decree provides for a period of 10 days from the date of publication of the decree for victims to provide an estimate of the losses they have incurred with their insurance companies. However, for individuals, this decree is important when it comes to floods. In the case of Thursday’s storm, multi-risk home insurance contracts already cover storm-related damage. “This decree is for municipalities, municipalities and professionals”, Identifies the former insurance employee.

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